Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A day of weight loss coaching without deprivation...

30 min jog on an empty stomach

1 hr of yoga

Raw breakfast: raw cereal+ coconut milk + berries

Video shooting in Los Altos

Asian lunch: 2 wild mushroom and duck samosas + cucumber salad + fried squids (yes, but not much!) + green papaya and shrimp salad + dessert: 1 banana frita with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

No snack

100 abs on my ab lounge

20 min walk before dinner

Dinner: tomato salad with raw carrot crackers + 1 serving of teff with onions/lentils/peas + 15 cherries (my son kept count :)

25 min walk to help digestion :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sore muscles :) + Get Him to the Greek

Wow, I still feel the sore muscles from the crazy hike!

After my
morning s
obacha, lemon juice and roobois,
I am ready to jog for 20 min at a slow pace + 10 min walk followed by 30 min of yoga and 1 hr massage...luckily I started my day very early or I would not be able to squeeze in all this activity!

With all the activity going on and phonecalls....I don't manage to have breakfast before 11am! Since it's close to lunchtime, I keep it light: a smoothie: fresh coconut milk + Truvia + 1 banana + 1 small punnet of raspberries + a drop of vanilla extract.

A quick lunch because I need to go and shoot some new videos: mixed salad, raw crackers + 2 slices of pastrami + 1 prune

Difficult shooting because of lots of wind! We finally find a relatively calm spot behind the Palace of Fine Arts....really beautiful!

At snack time my stomach alerts me and I want some sugar....a lemon crepe, to be precise....and lo and behold we find a place that serves just that ;) vanilla rooibois + 4 small (very thin, I assure you) sweet lemon crepes.

Then I head to the cinema to see Get Him to the Greek with Russell Brand. Before leaving,
1/2 tomato chapati with cream of anchovy (I know, I know, a weird combination, but I like it!) + 1 prune...and then at the cinema, 1 serving of popcorn without the horrible chemical butter hence no damage is caused :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A hike in the redwoods & great soccer game - Germany/England

I start the day with a beautiful World Cup match with Germany-England. Lacking a little bit of steam at the outset, but after a first goal from Germany, a very active game begins which lasts until the very end! Great game!

7-hour hike in the redwoods with hellish elevations, beautiful vistas and snakes left and right (perfect if you forgot your sandwiches and need some protein ;)

Raw breakfast: raw homemade cereal + coconut milk + raspberries…and of course, everything preceded by my morning sobacha + roobois + freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Midday: sandwich with vegetables + 1 nectarine + 1 buckwheat muffin with dried fruit

No snack.

Dinner: tomato salad + raw crackers + several slices of sausage + plenty of cherries

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Launching of Coaching Box exclusively with La Redoute

What a week!!!

After the launch of "Secrets de Coach" for iPhone, followed by the special coaching box package available on, we are now launching our brand new "CoachingBox" exclusively with La Redoute! These are gift boxes which you can buy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend. They contain access to the coaching program of your choice (weight loss, mom-baby, anti-aging), as well as a pocket blog, expert tips - and for the 6-month program an offer for a complimentary telephone consultation.

They look like this:
You can buy the CoachingBox HERE

Morning: roobois + freshly squeezed lemon + 1 cup of sobacha

1 hr of yoga...Alejandro can definitely make me do things I did not even know I could accomplish!

Breakfast: a homemade buckwheat chapati + 2 tbsp almond butter + 1 orange

1 hr of biking to Palo Alto for some business meetings

Lunch in the heart of the Silicon Valley: salade nicoise (without eggs) with semi-cooked tuna...I leave over the 2 slices of bread because I know I need a small sweet treat for dessert - I eat half a Bounty bar. Yum!

34 laps of various strokes

Snack: 3 small apricots + a coconut milk yogurt

Dinner: mixed salad + 1/2 chicken sausage + some raw crackers with
goose pate that comes in what I call the diplomatic suitcase so I cannot refuse this! And then for dessert, a huge fresh fruit salad: pineapple, pomegranate, cherries, raspberries...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

France - South Africa & launch of my "Secrets de Coach" box

Hooray!!! My book "Secrets de Coach" is out again for the summer, now with a dumbbell and an elastic band to tone your body easily whether at your office or the beach. You can order it on

Vanilla & citrus roobois + stevia to alkalize my body

Breakfast: 2 raw carrot crackers + 2 tbsp fresh homemade almond butter + 1 apple

30 min yoga + 30 min massage
(and yes, it's important to relax once in a while, especially when one has Alejandro with golden hands at my disposal :)

I am watching the South Africa-France soccer game (World Cup)....I was already devastated before but I cannot find the right word in English (or even in French for that matter) to describe how I feel when I see such poor team spirit and no willingness to fight!!

A very late lunch due to a meeting: Greek salad with chicken shawarma in a Jordanian restaurant + mint tea + a baklakva for dessert and then the restaurant owner, quite fond of me, offered me a date cake (which I don't refuse!)

Back to the swimming pool: 15 laps x 25 yards. I was originally aiming for 20 laps but I prefer to save some for tomorrow so that I don't have an excuse not to exercise due to sore muscles. I know myself!

No snack because of my late lunch.

Dinner while watching TV for the only TV series I am addicted to: True Blood! A mixed salad plate made by dad (with weird bitter herbs which he says are good for me) + wild smoked salmon + for dessert a beautiful fresh pineapple salad with pomegranate seeds.

Went to bed very late due to launching of new functionalities on the LeBootCamp site, and I like to be available and present with my team at work!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Launch of my book "Secrets de Coach" as iPhone application!!!

My book "Secrets de Coach" (French version), was launched as an iPhone application today...yeah!!!!!!!

You can download it here: Secrets de Coach
Now you can pop it in your handbag and take it with you wherever you go, to the beach, on the plane, to the short, everywhere!

Roobois tea + lemon juice and sobacha to re-balance my body.

1 hr Yin yoga

Breakfast: raw olive crackers with sweet pepper tapenade

1 hr walking while on the telephone

Lunch: 2 small artichokes with soyonnaise + 1 veal scallopini with tomato sauce + 1 apple

A well-deserved nap ;)

2 hr walk in the sun (fortunately I'm well protected!)

Snack: 5 sprouted almonds + 1 Snickers bar (yes, I'm craving chocolate!)

30 min walk

Dinner: 3 slices of wild smoked salmon + steamed beans with olive oil + 3 clementines

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Berkeley & barbecue with friends

Lemon juice and sobacha upon rising, then 45 min walk while on the telephone

100 glute contractions

No breakfast because dinner from the previous day was a little rich hence my stomach is not interested :)

Lunch while watching TV, and yes, once in a while it's ok, especially during the World Cup :)
On the menu: mache salad with sunflower seeds + 1 white salmon fillet with herbs + bread pudding with white chocolate sauce

Head to Berkeley University...I love this place!

Then a barbecue with friends, to farewell our friends who are moving back to France.....buffet, various salads (no meat or sausages for me), a bit of Anissa's cake (it is good ;), a little apple tart and plenty of fruit!

200 glute contractions, 50 standing push-ups

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's too hot to work or move :)

We are victims of a beautiful heatwave here!

This doesn't prevent us from progressing on very important projects which will be announced later this week, but otherwise I am taking it slow :)

No morning walk due to last-minute shopping before heading to the airport.

Breakfast: after my morning lemon juice + sobacha + a cup of rooibos -- a raw smoothie: homemade almond milk + 1 banana + 1 tbsp agave nectar + 3 tbsp raw chocolate....I add a few ice cubes to make this chillier

1 hr accumulated walking throughout the day (I am so sore from yesterday's strength training session!!).

Lunch at the airport: 1 serving of edamame followed by 8 pieces of caterpillar roll sushi + 4 pieces nigiri sushi + green tea

No snack, it's just too hot! So the heat is good in some ways....of course, I don't have any ice-cream in my freezer to tempt me :)

50 standing push-ups

In preparation for my very active week ahead, dinner is very light and raw...

Dinner: 1 raw cracker with raw eggplant puree + some sundried olives + red fruit sorbet (homemade, yum!)

A fascinating evening watching True Blood.....all the little frustrations of life fade away :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Non-stop Writing...

I have to finish the final manuscript by this evening so I need every minute I can get . This book has to be perfect :)

As the Vice President of Readers Digest, Dolores, would say, it takes a whole town to publish a book and this is true!

I am surrounded by a team of amazing and efficient people...we're doing a superb photo shoot in Santa Monica next week for the cover...I'm under pressure!

I have one of best editors in the USA whom I love working with…life is treating me well!!!

After a pretty intense week, today is devoted to my writing, a little shopping in preparation for next week, and working remotely in the Starbucks on the corner where I'm currently drinking my favorite: roobois + almond milk + agave nectar. Yum!

Breakfast, after 15 min of bodybuilding exercises on an empty stomach: tea - of course -, fresh lemon juice and sobacha, then 1 large raw cracker with tapenade + 2 nice handfuls of cherries

Head to San Francisco under the blue skies.....walk a little

Lunch: killer lobster club sandwich (and yes, from time to time you can indulge in small pleasures - it's ok, I never eat like this at home ;) and green tea with pineapple

No snack, but a huge tea at Starbucks.

Dinner: very very late - 11pm - hence my appetite is not very big....2 raw crackers with green olive tapenade (I love it!) and a nice amount of cherries....yes, yes, I let myself go a little :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

MyPrivateCoach featured on IT WORLD

I get back to San Francisco...and stay under the feather blanket because I have a beautiful bad cold :)

MyPrivateCoach is featured on IT WORLD --> Strange Ways to Make Money Online

One Saturday of total rest.....between the short nights, traveling, and the intense trip in Vegas, my body said STOP! and I listened :)

So I pretty much stay in bed most of Saturday, and read and read, and read some more...

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya + 1 soy yogurt + 1 pink grapefruit and 10 Californian almonds

Lunch: chapati with homemade buckwheat (made by dad :) + mixed salad + cream of artichoke + 1 grapefruit

Snack: 1 apple + 4 candies (yes ;)

Dinner at a restaurant: 1 green tea with honey + 1 chicken/lentil soup + a few fries with the neighbor and 2 bites of his hamburger :)

To bed early with a good book....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas for 2 days for some business meetings.

During summertime in Las Vegas, it's 104 degrees in the shade...that is if you can find some shade :)

Thursday, I get up at 4.45am so no breakfast! I arrive to the airport exhausted and when I go to the restroom, Murphy's Law goes full force...

Hesitating where to put my handbag - which contains a iPad, a laptop, telephones and camera (I find the counter edge designed for this purpose too narrow and thus I'm afraid that it will fall in), I decide to put my bag in a hand-washing which the tap starts automatically via infrared….after 2 minutes, I hear the water running and wonder who could be washing their hands when I am alone in the bathroom .... I look at my handbag and contents, now an aquarium of sorts… the message takes a few seconds has to arrive to my brain ..... my bag is full of water, the telephone and iPad are floating, the computer is drenched… in short, disaster! Of course, the handbag is also completely ruined… I thus board the flight with lots of plastic carry-on bags! The camera completely died….fortunately, an adorable geek deals helps me out and removes the batteries and other parts of my gadgets to let them dry….he turns out to be right since the telephone (go Blackberry, they are unbreakable ;) recovers and is working 12 hrs later, the iPad returns to life, and the laptop too. Just the camera remains which is gone beyond all hope. Bravo coach!

Breakfast onboard: 2 green teas + 1 slice of carrot cake

In one spot, walking, meetings, a few exercises to stay in shape, specifically arms (they must be toned for my bathing suit) and tand thighs (for the same reason :)

A very late lunch due to a crazy meeting schedule: a plate filled with little French specialties + 2 small desserts.

No snack, it's too hot and I am swamped...

Late dinner - as if I were jet-lagged! A mixed salad with shrimp and 1 serving of fries ....and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

A very short night....and then I move on to another very busy day, to say the least

Breakfast: a piece of bread and butter, and nothing else because I don't really have much with me and besides, I don't have much of an appetite in general. It must be the heat...

Walking here and there...a little exercise to tone my body...

Late lunch, Las Vegas is definitely the ideal place to find yourself jet lagged!
A plate full of lots of little tapas + 2 baby lemon pies for dessert + 1 handful of grapes

No snack

Return to SF, move a little on the plane, and my poor neighbor took the brunt of my stress release with me being so afraid when we took off. But I have to admit he did his best to make me forget we were taking off and that we might crash...thank you to my nice neighbor!

Dinner: mixed salad with Nopal cactus (yummy) and grapefruit...and then straight to bed!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Avantages + Plurielles + SELF Mag

What a week!!!!

LeBootCamp is featured in a series of magazines, in France as well as in the USA. It's truly rewarding to see the fruit of our labor in these special ways :).

You can thus find us in the June issue of AVANTAGES on a 2-page spread… I let you find it :)

On, you can find loads of tips and coaching advice. To see them all, visit: Valerie Orsoni's Tips

And in the USA, you can find LeBootCamp tips in the June issue of SELF magazine, page 33.