Tuesday, June 22, 2010

France - South Africa & launch of my "Secrets de Coach" box

Hooray!!! My book "Secrets de Coach" is out again for the summer, now with a dumbbell and an elastic band to tone your body easily whether at your office or the beach. You can order it on Amazon.fr

Vanilla & citrus roobois + stevia to alkalize my body

Breakfast: 2 raw carrot crackers + 2 tbsp fresh homemade almond butter + 1 apple

30 min yoga + 30 min massage
(and yes, it's important to relax once in a while, especially when one has Alejandro with golden hands at my disposal :)

I am watching the South Africa-France soccer game (World Cup)....I was already devastated before but I cannot find the right word in English (or even in French for that matter) to describe how I feel when I see such poor team spirit and no willingness to fight!!

A very late lunch due to a meeting: Greek salad with chicken shawarma in a Jordanian restaurant + mint tea + a baklakva for dessert and then the restaurant owner, quite fond of me, offered me a date cake (which I don't refuse!)

Back to the swimming pool: 15 laps x 25 yards. I was originally aiming for 20 laps but I prefer to save some for tomorrow so that I don't have an excuse not to exercise due to sore muscles. I know myself!

No snack because of my late lunch.

Dinner while watching TV for the only TV series I am addicted to: True Blood! A mixed salad plate made by dad (with weird bitter herbs which he says are good for me) + wild smoked salmon + for dessert a beautiful fresh pineapple salad with pomegranate seeds.

Went to bed very late due to launching of new functionalities on the LeBootCamp site, and I like to be available and present with my team at work!

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