Sunday, June 20, 2010

Berkeley & barbecue with friends

Lemon juice and sobacha upon rising, then 45 min walk while on the telephone

100 glute contractions

No breakfast because dinner from the previous day was a little rich hence my stomach is not interested :)

Lunch while watching TV, and yes, once in a while it's ok, especially during the World Cup :)
On the menu: mache salad with sunflower seeds + 1 white salmon fillet with herbs + bread pudding with white chocolate sauce

Head to Berkeley University...I love this place!

Then a barbecue with friends, to farewell our friends who are moving back to France.....buffet, various salads (no meat or sausages for me), a bit of Anissa's cake (it is good ;), a little apple tart and plenty of fruit!

200 glute contractions, 50 standing push-ups

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