Thursday, June 10, 2010

Non-stop Writing...

I have to finish the final manuscript by this evening so I need every minute I can get . This book has to be perfect :)

As the Vice President of Readers Digest, Dolores, would say, it takes a whole town to publish a book and this is true!

I am surrounded by a team of amazing and efficient people...we're doing a superb photo shoot in Santa Monica next week for the cover...I'm under pressure!

I have one of best editors in the USA whom I love working with…life is treating me well!!!

After a pretty intense week, today is devoted to my writing, a little shopping in preparation for next week, and working remotely in the Starbucks on the corner where I'm currently drinking my favorite: roobois + almond milk + agave nectar. Yum!

Breakfast, after 15 min of bodybuilding exercises on an empty stomach: tea - of course -, fresh lemon juice and sobacha, then 1 large raw cracker with tapenade + 2 nice handfuls of cherries

Head to San Francisco under the blue skies.....walk a little

Lunch: killer lobster club sandwich (and yes, from time to time you can indulge in small pleasures - it's ok, I never eat like this at home ;) and green tea with pineapple

No snack, but a huge tea at Starbucks.

Dinner: very very late - 11pm - hence my appetite is not very big....2 raw crackers with green olive tapenade (I love it!) and a nice amount of cherries....yes, yes, I let myself go a little :)

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