Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Launching of Coaching Box exclusively with La Redoute

What a week!!!

After the launch of "Secrets de Coach" for iPhone, followed by the special coaching box package available on, we are now launching our brand new "CoachingBox" exclusively with La Redoute! These are gift boxes which you can buy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend. They contain access to the coaching program of your choice (weight loss, mom-baby, anti-aging), as well as a pocket blog, expert tips - and for the 6-month program an offer for a complimentary telephone consultation.

They look like this:
You can buy the CoachingBox HERE

Morning: roobois + freshly squeezed lemon + 1 cup of sobacha

1 hr of yoga...Alejandro can definitely make me do things I did not even know I could accomplish!

Breakfast: a homemade buckwheat chapati + 2 tbsp almond butter + 1 orange

1 hr of biking to Palo Alto for some business meetings

Lunch in the heart of the Silicon Valley: salade nicoise (without eggs) with semi-cooked tuna...I leave over the 2 slices of bread because I know I need a small sweet treat for dessert - I eat half a Bounty bar. Yum!

34 laps of various strokes

Snack: 3 small apricots + a coconut milk yogurt

Dinner: mixed salad + 1/2 chicken sausage + some raw crackers with
goose pate that comes in what I call the diplomatic suitcase so I cannot refuse this! And then for dessert, a huge fresh fruit salad: pineapple, pomegranate, cherries, raspberries...

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