Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A "Regular" Monday

Finally! Journalists are always asking me to describe a normal day in my life and I must say, I have a tough time doing that because no day is just regular!

But voila, this Monday I had the privilege of a "normal" day ;)

I get up at dawn because the world belongs to those who rise early.

First, fresh lemon juice with room-temperature water, followed by sobacha

At 8am I have an interview with the French media about a beautiful project coming up in June, but sshh, I say no more for now :)

At 8:58 I finish this interview, leaving me hardly enough time to down some mouthfuls of my cherished sobacha before my second Skype call of the day - this time a technical meeting. Through it all, I contract my glutes non-stop and suck in my belly regularly :)

Breakfast - by this time I am famished! A raw homemade smoothie: fresh coconut milk + 1 banana + raw chocolate + 5 raw almonds

By 10:00 it has been 3.5 hrs that I've been doing sedentary work, so I decide to make several more telephone calls out on a walk with my relatives who are leaving back home this evening. We walk for a total of 1.5 hrs, alternating between fun family chit-chat and some phone-calls.

Lunch on the go: wild smoked salmon (easy to find here since all the fish which comes from Alaska is wild by definition) + gluten-free crackers + a rice flour crepe filled with soy cheese + feta, and to finish, some raspberries + homemade chocolate mousse that my friends always beg me to make :)

A short 10-min nap (this is my signature relaxation which I can pull off absolutely anywhere - the backseat of my car, on the train, on the plane, you name it - I have a special technique to do it very discreetly).

I work on a big project which will be official on April 16th...the second secret for the day...I'll have to keep you in suspense and guard the scoop for my journalist friends.

Snack: 1 homemade raw bar filled with good things ;)

Then I head to SFO airport, which it seems I am doing almost every twice a week these days! I accumulate 2,000 steps there (between the carpark, security and return :)

Dinner at home: potato tian/tomatoes/feta, coleslaw, smoked salmon and raw chocolate mousse.

Finally...to bed!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Challenge Nation San Franciso - a 5km scavenger hunt!

For a few weeks now I've been looking forward to a special scavenger hunt in my city which
involves strategic thinking and physical activity in a unique San Francisco challenge.

Challenge Nation, which takes place in 35 cities across the USA combines everything I love in one fantastic experience. In true Da Vinci Code-style, we have to solve a set of clues as we get through the city by foot only and public transit. No bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, cars or taxis! We can bring our phones along though which is helpful for solving the clues!

Light breakfast: juice of 1 fresh lemon in room-temp water followed by my sobacha, and a raw smoothie which I concoct for the first time: fresh coconut milk + 1 banana + raw chocolate.

Lunch right before heading out: a small slice of wholewheat bread, sheep cheese, fresh fruit and dried fruit.

There are hundreds of participating teams, ours being called "LeBootCamp" of course ;).

Part of the program is to find 12 objects throughout the city. We have 4 hrs total, though the pros do it in 1.5 hrs! But we prefer to take our time and enjoy the fun :)

A space shuttle? Find on Embarcadero
A restaurant with an unpronounceable name? Find in Pier39
A special consulate?
A man carrying sports gear from a non-Californian team?
The smallest museum in the city?
And more...find them all!

We do the full 5-7 km treck under torrential rain. So we were pretty wiped out when we hit the finish line - totally not in the lead, but they, the real pleasure was spending time with family and friends!

Dinner: tomato soup with edamame + a vegan chocolate mousse (sans eggs or dairy) and made with "real" chocolate. Yum!

The active day ends with some relaxation in the jacuzzi and off to bed!