Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Almost 2 weeks have passed since my last post on this blog...not because I've forgotten about you, I've just been crazy busy :) But it's all good stuff!

A few trips here and there, another trip to LA for some super interviews and coaching sessions, among which an interview with Stevie Wilson with whom I am standing in this picture. The article and video of the interview will soon be available...I'll keep you posted.
The Edmonton Sun continues to post my articles, you can view them by clicking on this link: Articles by Valerie Orsoni

Monday of Memorial Day weekend is a very active day for me (and for those around me :)

Freshly squeezed lemon juice after I wake up so as not to break a good habit which has proven successful ;) + 2 cups of rooibois tea

Breakfast: 1 papaya with lime juice + 1 handful of homemade raw cereal + 1 banana

1 hr of yoga visyana with Alejandro

2 hrs of hiking at the foot of the Hamilton Observatory (superb!) where one can see that California is not only made of beaches and snow-capped moutnains like in Tahoe.

A very late lunch in a Mexican joint: chips & salsa + tostadas de ceviche + I steal a few bites from my neighrbours + 1 biscotti with my Starbucks tea

1 hr of walking on the telephone, yes I know it is a holiday but I still have to make a few calls... Without really planning it, I did 4 hrs of exercise today!

No snack because of my late lunch.

Dinner fully homemade and vegetarian to give my body a bit of a rest after a few days: ActiFry-made fries (hence very light), tomato salad, mushrooms sauteed in a balsamic reduction and a big pineapple salad...yum!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Article on LeBootCamp / Valerie Orsoni in the Edmonton Sun - go Canada!

Last week I was interviewed by the Edmonton Sun and the result is an article which starts off with a bang ;) You can read the article here: Keeping Fit with Valerie Orsoni

Breakfast: 2 large raw crackers with smoked salmon + strawberries
No exercise this morning, too many meetings and coaching on the telephone

Business lunch with someone who will significantly impact LeBootCamp. I am too involved in the discussion to eat alot and in any case the dishes are a bit too rich for my some fries+ 5 baby chicken skewers + 1 samossa...but I still take a full dessert which I don't share - mango pudding :)

10 min walk + 45 min walk + 1 hr of yoga/stretching....I'm getting better and better at headstands...yeah! No snack, I was too busy :)

Dinner: homemade soup (leftover from yesterday) + 1 chicken sausage with tomato sauce + 1 grapefruit and 2 small caramels :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have been invited as a permanent guest on Dr. Fitness & the Fat Guy radio show!

Really beautiful interview last week was so well-received that I received the official request this morning to join this show that I love, once a month.
You can listen to my last interview on our LeBootCamp Media page.

Breakfast: strawberries + 1 banana + homemade granola with homemade almond milk

Green tea

I spend my morning stuck in the office on the telephone for conversations during which I couldn't walk like I am used to.

Lunch: 2 biscotti while meeting with Super Denis + raw onion crackers + 1 banana (not very balanced but I didn't want anything else)

30 minute walk while on the telephone + 1 nap

Snack: 1 yogurt smoothie with coconut + 1 banana

20 min jogging to warm up
1 hr bodybuilding

Dinner with friends: homemade soup (new recipe, yum!) + platanos maduros (cooked plantain ) + 1 grapefruit

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Body Coach featured in German mag

My Body Coach for Wii is featured in JOLIE, the #1 beauty and well-being magazine in Germany. Read the article here: MyBodyCoach

45 min of walking on an empty stomach while on the telephone because lots of projects going on at the moment...

Breakfast: fresh strawberries and 1 banana + a little homemade raw granola + homemade almond milk

Another 45 mins of walking while on the telephone...I almost stayed on a chair without moving my butt but with some crazy effort I was able to lift myself up and get moving :)
Lunch: 1 raw hamburger, a new recipe - very yummy, with plenty of ketchup (yay lycopene!) + strawberries

1 hr of yoga/stretching

Snack: 4 squares of dark chocolate with chili's spicy as Eric says but it's very good!

100 glute contractions in the office, 100 abs on my crazy ab lounge, 100 butterfly abs

Dinner: broccoli soup with curry and chicken + 1 grapefruit

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bay to Breakers - 12km of fun, sport and good spirits!

And well, here we are, with only 3-4 hrs of sleep behind us, waking up was VERY difficult..I would happily stay under my blanket but this annual event pulls me out :)

It is 5:00am, and I have a 15 min drive to San Francisco for this exciting footrace in San Francisco: the Bay to Breakers. 12 km East to West for the big pros and the not-so-big pros....the serious pros are wearing jogging outfits and others - the majority - are wearing crazy costumes!!! There are even naked people in the streets! San Francisco is still the same revolutionary melting pot it was in the late 60's :)

No breakfast when I wake up....We rush off to participate and gather the largest number of people to create the longest human centipede 2027 people connected to one another who are going to walk 30m together! The Guinness Book of Records is going to record this. I don't know yet if we won but in all cases the fun is sure here! Then we get started with flying tortillas, screams and crazy costumes...!

Breakfast on the way: 1/2 a chicken sandwich, a biscotti and a LARGE hot tea because it's only 15 degrees!

12km drag out a bit because the crowd slows down the progression, only the last 3 kilometres will be covered running (finally Alex and Valerie, and during that time, Baptiste picks up pace and Denis needs to fight against all those smoking hot girls that cling to him!)

Well-deserved lunch at midday: 1 split pea soup + 1 piece of bread & butter + smoked salmon bruschetta + 3 tbsp of strawberry charlotte...not terrible, and I don't finish the charlotte...this is my technique, if it isn't good, I abstain so that I can really enjoy the good things :).

No snack of course.

Dinner: in fact I am so exhausted that I am not hungry :) so 1 bowl of soup + 3 grapefruits...I think I'm officially addicted to grapefruit!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rest before Bay to Breakers tomorrow

and yes, tomorrow I'll be up at 5:00am for the Bay to Breakers annual footrace…so today is more relaxing...

Raw breakfast: homemade almond milk smoothie + red fruits + banana

1 hr accumulated walking throughout the day

Lunch in the sun: vegetarian curry (a nice portion) and 3 spoons of fruit tart

No snack because I know that in the evening I'll be having a gourmet dinner with friends!

On the dinner menu: shrimp grilled on a bed of beets/balsamic reduction, lobster Armoricaine/rice, I pass on the cheese plate but indulge in dessert: small amaretto cake + rhubarb and strawberry compote with custard sauce

Slept a little.....then up at 4am for Bay to Breakers!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I leave my cocoon of comfort + go Iron Man!

Breakfast: green tea + lemon juice + sobacha + 10 sprouted almonds + 1 banana

30 min accumulated walking during my interview with Edmonton Sun.

Lunch with friends: homemade fava bean and leek fricassee + 1 artichoke with soyonnaise + a little jicama and one pink grapefruit

15 min walking

Snack: a small "S'More" bar (yum) + 4 squares of chocolate

Rich snack in order to get some strength before my 1 hour of core conditioning - VERY intense (lots of sprints).....I was actually about to throw up!!! Not something I would like to do again, but once in a while it is good to stretch our moral and physical fabric.

Dinner at the cinema (Iron Man 2, which is definitely much better than I expected, even better than #1 in my humble opinion): 1 serving of sweet potato fries + 1/2 veggie wrap made with a wholewheat tortilla + a soda (no, it won't kill you :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

An eventful day like no other

It's good sometimes to push ourselves beyond our comfort's the case today with a high level of activity!

Green tea + freshly squeezed lemon juice + sobacha

30 min walk

Starting out with a radio interview with Dr.Fitness and the Fat Guy. Entertaining and fun; check out the interview on the LeBootCamp media page.

During the interview, I hear loud noises and wonder whether there's a burglar in the house….but since Nestle is usually alert and doesn't bark, I think that we are "okay" …when I leave the room, I find my Nestle frozen on the ground….verdict: heart attack or some seizure due to a liver problem...poor baby!

Breakfast: 10 sprouted almonds + 1 banana

Lunch at a business meeting with engineers (I will not reveal what they had for lunch but it was not lighter!). As for me: green tea + tuna tartare + shrimp ceviche and some large yucca root fries. For dessert, I share a strawberry madrilene with my "lunch partner". They make it pretty well here.

1.5 hr of walking between 2 meetings and a coaching session

Snack: a small treat: milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts (yum!)

1 hr of bodybuilding at home (here you can tell I went beyond my comfort zone!)

Dinner: mache salad, 1 seafood sausage + jicama and soyonnaise + pink grapefruit

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yoga & Stretching, good for the arteries?

A recent medical study claims that the arteries of flexible people (who can easily touch their toes when they sit on the ground with their legs stretched out), are in better health than those of less flexible people.

While we wait for further studies to either prove or reject this discovery, it can't hurt to do a little stretching and keep a balanced diet :) - you can find simple yoga exercises at LeBootCamp :)

Breakfast: carrot salad + 1 tortilla with soy cheese

30 min walk

Lunch: carrot salad + 1 tortilla with soy cheese + 1 banana...if you're wondering why I repeated my breakfast menu, it is simply because I wanted it, and if what I want is healthy, why shouldn't I listen to my body?

A well-deserved rest

1h of intense stretching (because of the study :)

Snack 1: 1 small handful of raw crackers with honey
45 min walk
Snack 2: 1 small biscotti + 4 squares of chocolate with my tea at Starbucks

30 min walk before dinner

Light dinner because it was quite late: 1 bowl of homemade soup + 2 tbsp of carrot salad + 1 baby Snickers bar for a sweet ending

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The 39th Annual Stanford Powwow!

There are some days when your body just says STOP, and you've got to take it easy...I woke up feeling like this :) So lots of lemon juice + water and total rest until 4pm - all I did was read!

Breakfast: 2 slices of wholegrain bread with 2 slices of melted blue cheese and 1/2 banana

Lunch at 2 pm: grilled chicken and peas + salad of mache + 2 squares of dark chocolate

Then I head to the annual Stanford Powwow. It's a little bit sad to see those ancient warriors from the plains meeting in a sort of museum. Still beautiful, though. The tamtam rythms are very empowering! The costumes are impressive....and a little snack of fry bread (corn bread) (not at all weight-loss oriented :)

1 hr of walking in total

Dinner with friends: homemade spaghetti bolognese and grapefruit

Friday, May 7, 2010

One day in sunny West Hollywood

An easy morning for me since I did not go to any after-parties last night :) Morning spent on the telephone, on the streets of West Hollywood which do not have good cellular signals! Rich breakfast, as I'm hungry after my light dinner the day before: green salad with salmon/spinach crepe + a square of milk chocolate + roobois tea

Lunch with Valerie Grandury, the co-founder of "Odacite" natural beauty products: 6 small chicken skewers with Thai sauce + 1 fruit salad + green tea.

In the afternoon, interview and then a snack with rapper Lord Kossity and footballeur Patrick Barul, while waiting for my taxi to the airport. Light snack: 2 little savory bites+ 1 Shirley Temple.

2 hours of walking in the city in high heels...not good for the back but it's the only way I succeeded in integrating some exercise into my day.

On the plane: 1 cranberry juice + 1 small packet of fat-free chips (this is new, it just came out).
I am starving when I arrive: some raw crackers with tapenade + 1 banana

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Launching of AnaM designs in LA

A quick trip to LA for some interviews, coaching sessions, and the launching of AnaM designs in Melrose.

Breakfast: quinoa from yesterday with coconut sauce and 2 shrimps. Yum! Then on the way to the airport, I did my 30 min walk, not exactly on an empty stomach, but almost :)...then I was starving, so had a small Japanese lunch with 6 pieces of unagi roll (eel sushi), my favorite.

Various meetings and then another sushi lunch: 8 pieces unagi + 1 bowl of miso soup + 1 bowl of edamame + 3 green tea mochis (type of Japanese confection) and of course, plenty of green tea.

No snack because I am running around in the humid heat of LA. Hollywood and Beverly Hills are filled with this crazy energy in spite of the fact that the world stock exchanges are collapsing....the eternal hope of a better tomorrow is really anchored in people's minds here!

An evening launch party for the new line of clothes called AnaM Designs with an always inspired Regu and with players from the Lakers, among them, DJ Mbenga, Xavi and a nice group of rappers - always nicely surrounded with beefed up guys, except Lord Kossity who surrounds himself because he already has enough muscles ;), the local starlets, a very sweet boxer - I mean sweet outside of the ring - (former world champion, Lemon Brewster), and a French telereality celeb from France, Romain Chavent who has been seen in Secret Story.

M6 covers the event and benefits from it for m' to interview on the new metro-sexual attitude of LA men: manicures, blonde hair, tanned, exposed chest, etc...

I don't eat anything during the evening because I am concentrating on the discussions.

Back at the hotel, I dine alone, a real quiet pleasure away from all the noise: potato and leek soup, 6 shrimps with cocktail sauce, 1/2 portion of lemon pie+ green tea

I finish with an interview for the German magazine INSIDE, and a Canadian radio broadcast + an interview for Swiss TV but shhhhh, it has not been aired yet!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preparation for trip to LA + a busy day!

A beautiful sunny day….it's been a few days since I've posted…due to the development of a new program which I can't reveal just yet!

Breakfast: I forgot!!!!! and yes, without skipping a meal on purpose, I realized at noon that I had forgotten to eat breakfast with my day starting at full throttle.
Morning spent in meetings with only Corsican people...being on the other side of the world, this is kind of eerie - we are indeed everywhere!

Lunch: 1 cold soup with coconut and turmeric + 2 slices of gluten-free bread, toasted + soy cheese + 1 pink grapefruit

1 hr intense yoga

No snack, I was too busy, but the hunger was there: I am careful when going grocery shopping to avoid falling in the traps at the cashiers et al.
In order not to cave into cravings, I visualized the dishes I would make for dinner!

1 hr walking

Dinner: everything homemade with good Corsican company: artichokes + soyonnaise, shrimp in coconut milk + quinoa with caramelized onions and mushrooms + 1 pink grapefruit for dessert

Sunday, May 2, 2010

On Le Journal des Femmes: Toned Arms :)

Here's a quick video on how to get toned arms without effort (or almost none ;)

To watch, click HERE (don't mind the French, you can still learn the move!)