Friday, May 7, 2010

One day in sunny West Hollywood

An easy morning for me since I did not go to any after-parties last night :) Morning spent on the telephone, on the streets of West Hollywood which do not have good cellular signals! Rich breakfast, as I'm hungry after my light dinner the day before: green salad with salmon/spinach crepe + a square of milk chocolate + roobois tea

Lunch with Valerie Grandury, the co-founder of "Odacite" natural beauty products: 6 small chicken skewers with Thai sauce + 1 fruit salad + green tea.

In the afternoon, interview and then a snack with rapper Lord Kossity and footballeur Patrick Barul, while waiting for my taxi to the airport. Light snack: 2 little savory bites+ 1 Shirley Temple.

2 hours of walking in the city in high heels...not good for the back but it's the only way I succeeded in integrating some exercise into my day.

On the plane: 1 cranberry juice + 1 small packet of fat-free chips (this is new, it just came out).
I am starving when I arrive: some raw crackers with tapenade + 1 banana

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