Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rest before Bay to Breakers tomorrow

and yes, tomorrow I'll be up at 5:00am for the Bay to Breakers annual footrace…so today is more relaxing...

Raw breakfast: homemade almond milk smoothie + red fruits + banana

1 hr accumulated walking throughout the day

Lunch in the sun: vegetarian curry (a nice portion) and 3 spoons of fruit tart

No snack because I know that in the evening I'll be having a gourmet dinner with friends!

On the dinner menu: shrimp grilled on a bed of beets/balsamic reduction, lobster Armoricaine/rice, I pass on the cheese plate but indulge in dessert: small amaretto cake + rhubarb and strawberry compote with custard sauce

Slept a little.....then up at 4am for Bay to Breakers!!!

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