Thursday, May 13, 2010

An eventful day like no other

It's good sometimes to push ourselves beyond our comfort's the case today with a high level of activity!

Green tea + freshly squeezed lemon juice + sobacha

30 min walk

Starting out with a radio interview with Dr.Fitness and the Fat Guy. Entertaining and fun; check out the interview on the LeBootCamp media page.

During the interview, I hear loud noises and wonder whether there's a burglar in the house….but since Nestle is usually alert and doesn't bark, I think that we are "okay" …when I leave the room, I find my Nestle frozen on the ground….verdict: heart attack or some seizure due to a liver problem...poor baby!

Breakfast: 10 sprouted almonds + 1 banana

Lunch at a business meeting with engineers (I will not reveal what they had for lunch but it was not lighter!). As for me: green tea + tuna tartare + shrimp ceviche and some large yucca root fries. For dessert, I share a strawberry madrilene with my "lunch partner". They make it pretty well here.

1.5 hr of walking between 2 meetings and a coaching session

Snack: a small treat: milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts (yum!)

1 hr of bodybuilding at home (here you can tell I went beyond my comfort zone!)

Dinner: mache salad, 1 seafood sausage + jicama and soyonnaise + pink grapefruit

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