Thursday, May 6, 2010

Launching of AnaM designs in LA

A quick trip to LA for some interviews, coaching sessions, and the launching of AnaM designs in Melrose.

Breakfast: quinoa from yesterday with coconut sauce and 2 shrimps. Yum! Then on the way to the airport, I did my 30 min walk, not exactly on an empty stomach, but almost :)...then I was starving, so had a small Japanese lunch with 6 pieces of unagi roll (eel sushi), my favorite.

Various meetings and then another sushi lunch: 8 pieces unagi + 1 bowl of miso soup + 1 bowl of edamame + 3 green tea mochis (type of Japanese confection) and of course, plenty of green tea.

No snack because I am running around in the humid heat of LA. Hollywood and Beverly Hills are filled with this crazy energy in spite of the fact that the world stock exchanges are collapsing....the eternal hope of a better tomorrow is really anchored in people's minds here!

An evening launch party for the new line of clothes called AnaM Designs with an always inspired Regu and with players from the Lakers, among them, DJ Mbenga, Xavi and a nice group of rappers - always nicely surrounded with beefed up guys, except Lord Kossity who surrounds himself because he already has enough muscles ;), the local starlets, a very sweet boxer - I mean sweet outside of the ring - (former world champion, Lemon Brewster), and a French telereality celeb from France, Romain Chavent who has been seen in Secret Story.

M6 covers the event and benefits from it for m' to interview on the new metro-sexual attitude of LA men: manicures, blonde hair, tanned, exposed chest, etc...

I don't eat anything during the evening because I am concentrating on the discussions.

Back at the hotel, I dine alone, a real quiet pleasure away from all the noise: potato and leek soup, 6 shrimps with cocktail sauce, 1/2 portion of lemon pie+ green tea

I finish with an interview for the German magazine INSIDE, and a Canadian radio broadcast + an interview for Swiss TV but shhhhh, it has not been aired yet!

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