Sunday, August 30, 2009

LeBootCamp on cell and by SMS

Thanks to Lyli for your lovely comment...

The last days have been rich n physical activity and excitement...

Friday: 1km swim +250 m water jogging + 100 abs + 2 hours walk

Saturday: 5K to support a cause, see my FaceBook fan page and 1km walk
Sunday: not much... after last night's party, I have some rest before the crazy week ahead of me

That's it! leBootCamp works by SMS and you can be coached by SMS!... you know that I always wanted to be as close to you as possible, well thanks to a partnership with the best in that market, now it's been achieved... hurray!

You can test it by texting LBC (LBC=LeBootCamp :) to the following number: 78020 (only in French for now - English version coming soon:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A beautiful day in the sun of San Francisco

Last preparations before next week's Burning Man event!

The Nestle commercial is out... you can check it out on the FaceBook fan page
By the way: competition still running on the FaceBook fan page... take a picture of yourself with the Nestle Fitness cereal boxes... post them on the FaceBook fan page... the best picture will win a free telephone coaching session to whom made it :)

More news... the team's hard work is well rewarded, what a joy... To see that, what we do, attracts respectable and respected brands as well as our thousands of clients across the world makes us proud of our labors and of the direction taken.

After a good night, feeling good... its the big back-to-school day today... its all about giving the right impetus in order to start school on the right foot!

So, fresh lemon juice in room temperature water, to make sure we don't destroy its vitamin C, Rooibos tea, get the wonder kid ready... I grab my phone, Nestle (not the cereals, the cockapoo :) and we're off for an hours walk on an empty stomach during witch I slot in the morning conference calls with my team, journalists and other important people like my clients for example.

Breakfast in a rush as I forgot that I had to
be in San Francisco: 1 apple (organic of course) + 3 little gluten free dairy free pancakes with some rhubarb jam... yummy!

20 minutes walk

Lunch with Romain in a cute little patio at Haight/Ashbury (the hippie quarter): rainbow trout + sauteed new potatoes, roquette salad and shared pudding (preserved cherries with cream :)

10 minutes walk

No snack, after such a lunch I am not hungry until dinner and also, the heat wave tends to reduce my appetite!

Dinner: 1 veggie streak + steamed broccoli/soyannaise + 1 date

20 minutes digestive walk
100 floor abs
100 bridge glutes
30 "girl" press-ups on the floor
100 leg balancers on each side
30 wall press-ups
30 minutes passive muscle toning

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nestle Fitness! That's it the boxes are on the shelves!!!

After weeks of total secrecy... the Nestle project can finally be announced publicly... and we cannot be discreet anymore since the Nestle Breakfast Cereal boxes are on sale all over France... and you can clearly see me on them... awaiting the second part of the Nestle project to be released, I will announce it soon :)

I am very happy as the product is whole wheat based and the sugar levels are very low... a mass market product, that pleases the boot.camper that I am!

A very good intensive day here... first with 2 interviews to begin the day on a right foot.

Breakfast: 1 home made carrot/apple juice + a few raw linseed crackers (home made of course)

3 km steady pace jogging with Nestle (the dog) and sonny... we are training for our run on Saturday morning... 100 varied abs + 20 45degree press ups + 100 bridge glutes + 30 Hindu prayers

Lunch: 1 pupusa straight from Salvador + cherry tomatoes with soyannaise + 1 date.

Snack: raw onion crackers with tahini (not home made, I am really struggling to make sesame paste without heating up the Vitamix) + sesame crackers + 1 apple

30 minutes walk with super Nestle... yes, it is a total coincidence that my dog was named Nestle... long before the start of dealings with the brand,
what a coincidence... imagine if I had called it K...!!

Dinner: 6 scallops + corn salad + 1 soya yogurt and 2 tbs granola for the sweetness I love finishing my meals with

100 abs on the killer abs lounge I dust off for the occasion

100 nut crackers

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A very long very sporty week-end

Nothing beats a few days away from everything, (nearly) without any daily connection with civilisation, to recharge our batteries.

On the program, a day with 6 hours intense hiking at 8500 feet including the ascent of 2 peaks. What pleasure to settle down at the end of the day and to savour the efforts of the day and, more importantly, enjoy the view!... well the views, plural.

The next day, it is Flume Trail... and here is the view, breathtakingly beautiful. The 33km mountain bike ride had some pretty impressive ascents,... right from the start, first ride uphill goes on for 3km... just to brake us in, as a warm up... but after the exertion we discover spectacular views, trails on the mountain side where the slightest distraction can send us flying down the hill... so, we leave blackberrys and other iPods to rest... we concentrate and, most of all, we reconnect with nature. The long ride burned more than 3500 calories!

Now, I am back... and what a return... I'll put everything in detail in tomorrow's post :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The "no keys" diet, it's new, it's just come out ;-)

The day starts at 5 am with an interview, followed by another at 7 am for the French magazine BIBA

On an empty stomach: rooibos tea

1 km various swim + 100 floor abs + 1 minute plank + 100 bridges + 20 floor press-ups

Breakfast: 1 home made smoothie: almond milk + 1 banana + 2 tbs hemp/raw chocolate + 3 dattes... soo yum!

1 hour cycling + 15 minutes walk because I lost my car keys... so there I found myself forced but delighted to do all my errands by bike
15 minutes walk

Vietnamese lunch: 4 spring rolls (the fresh ones, not the fried ones) + peanut sauce + vietnamese tea

1h15 walk (still haven't found my car keys which forces me to move a little more)

Snack: a soya tchai tea + 1 banana + 1 Starbucks biscotti and, I must admit, I take a bite out of my friend's cheese danish

40 minutes passive muscle toning

Dinner: green salad + 6 large sushis + bottomless green tea

After a good nigh sleep... 1.250 km swim + 100 abs + 30 seconds plank + wake up call yoga and off to the hills

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ramadan video for those of you starting it soon

For those of you reading me who aren't on FaceBook, and haven't seen the video I shot just for you, here is a copy:

On an empty stomach: 1 km swim + 250 water jog + 1mn plank + 100 floor abs

Breakfast: 6 fresh figs + rooibos tea + 1 slice toast (white, yes, its unusual) + melted cheese

After a morning spent with my accountants (yes sometimes one has to resign to some admin :)... than off to SF for a meet at the top :)

Japanese lunch: bottomless green tea + 14 sushis... that's too much but I let myself go and indulged!
50 minutes walk: 20 minutes downhill and 30 minutes steep uphill

Snack: 1 apple + 10 raw teriaky almonds

Dinner: vegetarian buffet: raw crackers, artichoke dips, fresh pineapple, smoked salmon, a slice toast with Costa Rican cheese

70 minutes passive muscle toning

Monday, August 17, 2009

After a few days rest, Golbach's conjecture

yes sometimes one must listen to one's body and get some rest...

I lemon juice in room temperature water... I sometimes read some foolish things about putting the lemon juice in hot water, knowing that heat will destroy the vitamin C! :)

Rooibos tea an then 1 km swim + 50 meters jogging in the water + 100 abs on the ground + 30 seconds plank + 30 wall press-ups

Raw breakfast: 1/2 papaya with lime + 2 little magical mushrooms (filled with a home made raw vegan pate) + a tiny slice lime tart all raw raw raw... and most ingredients are really hard to find :)

Lunch with a bunch of of little ones: 5 magical mushrooms (a raw dish I love) + a few baby new potatoes/mushrooms + 1/2 portion white meat with bbq sauce and for desert a small slice raw lime tart

40 minutes walk on the telephone
40 minutes passive muscle toning

Snack: 2 raw onion crackers with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes + 1 large pink grapefruit

15 minutes yoga to relax the body at the end of the day.

Dinner: cheese (several) with bread + tomato salad, hummus and onion crackers

A little boxing to let off some steam... and a great Spanish film based on a mathematical enigma... The Goldbach Conjecture... it stipulates that any even number greater than or equal to 4 can be expressed as the sum of two primes (the same prime can be used more than once). It is one of the oldest unresolved mathematics and number theory problems.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Explosive and fully packed day in LA

20 minutes yoga on an empty stomach... nothing better to start the day :)
200 floor abs
30 minutes walk to go a get my morning tea + 1 raw chia seed bar... a delight of concentrated energy that's good for the body!

I meet up with Miki, the celebs hairdresser on both sides of the atlantic... he changes my hair color, very dark nearly black, straight, long with a nice fringe... he makes me beautiful, thank you Miki!

1 hour walk

I grab a quick bite at Champagne, a small French restaurant chain: 1 vegetables crepe + 1 babyleaf salad and a small eggless chocolate creme brulee.

30 minutes walk

Incredible meeting with a woman famous for her ability to do and undo brands and peoples' images... she is interested in my case... but hush,... let' talk about it later.

No snack of course... I must run, off to the airport and fly home with a travel companion who works the Congo for a NGO

Dinner in the airport: 26 shrimps (the number is exact: it was written on the menu) + 1 bowl clam soup and a soda light... yes, once in a while won't kill me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EL AY here I come

I pop over to LA to meet some power people as we call them here.
I am incredibly lucky... but hush, I won't say any more for now... as you know, I never divulge anything about my celebrities and friends, I don't use them to develop LeBootCamp... that would be so unethical :)

15 minutes walk on an empty stomach

Breakfast: 1 smoothie: home made almond milk + raw cocoa + hemp seeds + strawberries + vanilla extract, vroum vroum... + rooibos tea.

15 minutes walk in the airport

On board: 2 tomato juices + a few cassava chips + and grilles edamame... no time for lunch I go straight into a meeting

1 hour walk between 2 meetings and I even manage to fit in a mani-pedicure to be at my best tomorrow :)

Snack: a raw fruit and cereal bar (I always absolutely always have some in my bag)

I manage to fit in 200 abs before my shower tonight + 100 bridge butt lifts + 30 45 degree press-ups

45 minutes walk in high heels during witch I can't resist a a fat free sugar free frozen yogurt... not much damage done

Dinner at Marix Tex Mex, Jennifer (Aniston)'s favorite Mexican restaurant... At the beginning, we are good: a little ahi tuna tartar... followed by a burger without bread but with 2 slices tomato and a bowl fresh fruit... if we had left it at that, it would be a perfect LeBootCamp style meal... only, the waiter tempted us, it wasn't our fault, LOL, result? A lime tart... to save our honor we passed on the wiped cream :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

52 km on a bike, yes I did it, my very own Mont Ventoux

Answer for "Jackille", the address for the raw cafe I m talking about is 20th Harrison :)

Some days, like this one, we surpass ourselves!

Breakfast: a raw smoothie with home made almond milk + plum + vanilla extract + 1 banana... along with a pineapple white tea...

19 km cycling (with a many hills!!! it hardly ever went downwards)

Lunch in the hills: 1 slice from a companion's pizza + a chicken salad + 3 mouthfuls of a companion's cake + green tea

33 km cycling... even hillier and a great ride downhill to finish as we have to get down at some point!

no snack... this super-human, or at least, super-coach, effort has exhausted me and taken my appetite away.

30 minutes walk in addition for reasons I cannot explain...

Dinner: I force myself a little bit as my appetite still hasn't returned but I am sure it will be good for me: 1 roast chicken leg (with the skin of course, its tastier) + ketchup and a huge lambs lettuce salad + 2 plums for desert.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rest day, kind of...

I am stiff all over after yesterday's intense training... so, let's take it very easy this morning

Breakfast: pineapple white tea + a bowl of wholegrain cherrios/almond milk and 1 sliced banana

30 minutes walk on the telephone

Lunch: in a raw food restaurant in San Francisco: Cafe Gratitude... a great place to spend a nice time with a man from the movies without putting on any weight.., but hush... confidential project on the way :) : raw lasagna (marinated zucchini as a base) + a generous slice of strawberry tart... all of it raw, of course

15 minutes walk

No snack because of the late lunch

100 butt squeezes

Dinner: gazpacho and grilled fish + 1 pink grapefruit

Thursday, August 6, 2009

La Boutique Valerie Orsoni at La Redoute!!!

That's it!!!! La Redoute has launched the Valerie Orsoni Boutique on their French website... with other countries in the pipeline:) It is such a joy to see all the efforts and hard work of a united team come to such great results. The trust of our partners is also a pledge to the standard of our ethics... we a bathed in happiness... especially since other good news is on the horizon but hushshsh :)

Breakfast: pineapple flavored white tea + a small slice of kiwi/coconut tart + a handful blueberries

30 minutes ValJogMix: jogging, sprint, SambaBox (a registered trademark and project in the pipeline, very exiting!) I must point out that it is very well protected, that's for our VERY copycat competitors who read me :)))) this one, my dears will cost you a lot more dearly than the theft of my baby LeBootCamp repeatedly copied with several different faces... anyway, just you try, with the legal artillery we have in place, you will get yourselves burned, to my greatest pleasure.

20 minutes walk on the telephone with my favorite writer

Lunch: after a failed attempt at an organic grain tempeh, absolutely inedible that ended in the bin (thanks A for the suggestion hihihihi)... 1 Italian herbs sausage + tomato salad + 1 slice olive/ blue cheese brown bread and 2 little organic peaches.

nap, of course

40 minutes walk on the telephone with a great Hollywood producer
30 minutes fitness trail
10 minutes stretching

Snack: 2 slices banana bread, home made by a friend who wishes me well... she belongs to the slimmer's imps :)

40 minutes passive muscle toning (abs) whilst cooking

Dinner: wild rocket salad + frichti (quinoa, tofu sausage, tomato sauce and caramelised onions) + 3 slices bread with roqueford cheese + fruit salad (peach/strawberries)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its my little hatchling's birthday

who is actually getting quite big, yes, here he is now officially a teenager!

Still, we begin the day with a 1 km swim in the pool together just for the sake of getting us going for the day.

Breakfast: 1 pink grapefruit + 1 handful blueberries + 1 bowl wholewheat Cherrios (I must admit it isn't very tasty, It feels a bit like eating sawdust, can't wait for the packet to be finished) + soya milk

Lunch: 1 cold pork chop with soyannaise + 1 tomato + Maldon salt/olive oil + 1 plum + 1 handful blueberries

100 abs on the killer abs lounger
50 wall press-ups

Message for Chm who posted a message with regards to a possible trip to SF... yes dear, if you come, you can have Alejandro all to yourself for an hour!

30 granny squats
50 leg sweeps on each side
1 hour accumulated walking

Snack: 1 frozen ice cream with fresh fruit (note that, it represents fewer calories/energy than a cereal bar, only 150... pleasure without guilt)

A lot of cooking for this evening's party that promises to be a hoot. My son has asked for home made pizzas tarts, and so on ...

Dinner party, so we enjoy: puff pastry spinach pies, mini quiches, mixed salad, home made pizza, kiwi/coconut tarts and strawberry and custard tarts - all accompanied by green tea :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wii My Body Coach trailer !!!!!

I've been working with the BigBen team developing this game for nearly 2 years, since they chose me as their worldwide image for this product, which is a real extension to LeBootCamp... after so many months of hard work from everyone involved (my team also bust a gut over this project), the unmeasurable joy the first results provide us is a real reward to all our efforts!

White tea + 3 peaches from the garden

1 km swim in bath water (the pools water is heated to 33 degrees but it has a pro per length of 25 meters) + 5 nut crackers horizontally in the water :)

Breakfast: 1 soya yogurt + wholewheat cheerios

15 minutes walk

Geekettes lunch at the Orange Lab in San Francisco: edamame + green tea + sushi... we were helping ourselves off little boats... we didn't count them... great moment

15 minutes walk

Snack: 2 fibre bars I am testing, very nice... 280 calories for those of you who like figures

40 minutes walk + carrying bags

Dinner with friends: mixed salad + ptitim I perfect day after day + pork chop in mustard and reduced balsamic vinegar sauce... all in all it took me less than an hour to cook all this... it looks good, is a balanced meal and is tasty

50 leg balancer on each side

Monday, August 3, 2009

I perfect my ptitm :)

Breakfast: pineapple flavored white tea (yum) + banana, 1 handful cherries, 2 little peaches and 10 fresh cashew nuts

1 km swim

Lunch: 1 bison burger steak + 1 huge heirloom tomato + cherries

Snack: 2.5 oat and caramel bars (for those of you who are interested in calculating calories, that adds up to 320 calories)

1 km swim

Dinner: home made ptitim + home made strawberries and apple compote.

40 minutes passive muscle toning