Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A very long very sporty week-end

Nothing beats a few days away from everything, (nearly) without any daily connection with civilisation, to recharge our batteries.

On the program, a day with 6 hours intense hiking at 8500 feet including the ascent of 2 peaks. What pleasure to settle down at the end of the day and to savour the efforts of the day and, more importantly, enjoy the view!... well the views, plural.

The next day, it is Flume Trail... and here is the view, breathtakingly beautiful. The 33km mountain bike ride had some pretty impressive ascents,... right from the start, first ride uphill goes on for 3km... just to brake us in, as a warm up... but after the exertion we discover spectacular views, trails on the mountain side where the slightest distraction can send us flying down the hill... so, we leave blackberrys and other iPods to rest... we concentrate and, most of all, we reconnect with nature. The long ride burned more than 3500 calories!

Now, I am back... and what a return... I'll put everything in detail in tomorrow's post :)

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