Thursday, August 6, 2009

La Boutique Valerie Orsoni at La Redoute!!!

That's it!!!! La Redoute has launched the Valerie Orsoni Boutique on their French website... with other countries in the pipeline:) It is such a joy to see all the efforts and hard work of a united team come to such great results. The trust of our partners is also a pledge to the standard of our ethics... we a bathed in happiness... especially since other good news is on the horizon but hushshsh :)

Breakfast: pineapple flavored white tea + a small slice of kiwi/coconut tart + a handful blueberries

30 minutes ValJogMix: jogging, sprint, SambaBox (a registered trademark and project in the pipeline, very exiting!) I must point out that it is very well protected, that's for our VERY copycat competitors who read me :)))) this one, my dears will cost you a lot more dearly than the theft of my baby LeBootCamp repeatedly copied with several different faces... anyway, just you try, with the legal artillery we have in place, you will get yourselves burned, to my greatest pleasure.

20 minutes walk on the telephone with my favorite writer

Lunch: after a failed attempt at an organic grain tempeh, absolutely inedible that ended in the bin (thanks A for the suggestion hihihihi)... 1 Italian herbs sausage + tomato salad + 1 slice olive/ blue cheese brown bread and 2 little organic peaches.

nap, of course

40 minutes walk on the telephone with a great Hollywood producer
30 minutes fitness trail
10 minutes stretching

Snack: 2 slices banana bread, home made by a friend who wishes me well... she belongs to the slimmer's imps :)

40 minutes passive muscle toning (abs) whilst cooking

Dinner: wild rocket salad + frichti (quinoa, tofu sausage, tomato sauce and caramelised onions) + 3 slices bread with roqueford cheese + fruit salad (peach/strawberries)

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