Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wii My Body Coach trailer !!!!!

I've been working with the BigBen team developing this game for nearly 2 years, since they chose me as their worldwide image for this product, which is a real extension to LeBootCamp... after so many months of hard work from everyone involved (my team also bust a gut over this project), the unmeasurable joy the first results provide us is a real reward to all our efforts!

White tea + 3 peaches from the garden

1 km swim in bath water (the pools water is heated to 33 degrees but it has a pro per length of 25 meters) + 5 nut crackers horizontally in the water :)

Breakfast: 1 soya yogurt + wholewheat cheerios

15 minutes walk

Geekettes lunch at the Orange Lab in San Francisco: edamame + green tea + sushi... we were helping ourselves off little boats... we didn't count them... great moment

15 minutes walk

Snack: 2 fibre bars I am testing, very nice... 280 calories for those of you who like figures

40 minutes walk + carrying bags

Dinner with friends: mixed salad + ptitim I perfect day after day + pork chop in mustard and reduced balsamic vinegar sauce... all in all it took me less than an hour to cook all this... it looks good, is a balanced meal and is tasty

50 leg balancer on each side


  1. so, I'm not seeing where or when it is available. can you advise us on this? Thanks so much.

  2. Sorry if I'm double commenting... not sure what happened here BUT...
    I was asking when will your 'Wii Body Coach' be available, and if it already is then where can we buy it?
    Thanks so much.