Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The "no keys" diet, it's new, it's just come out ;-)

The day starts at 5 am with an interview, followed by another at 7 am for the French magazine BIBA

On an empty stomach: rooibos tea

1 km various swim + 100 floor abs + 1 minute plank + 100 bridges + 20 floor press-ups

Breakfast: 1 home made smoothie: almond milk + 1 banana + 2 tbs hemp/raw chocolate + 3 dattes... soo yum!

1 hour cycling + 15 minutes walk because I lost my car keys... so there I found myself forced but delighted to do all my errands by bike
15 minutes walk

Vietnamese lunch: 4 spring rolls (the fresh ones, not the fried ones) + peanut sauce + vietnamese tea

1h15 walk (still haven't found my car keys which forces me to move a little more)

Snack: a soya tchai tea + 1 banana + 1 Starbucks biscotti and, I must admit, I take a bite out of my friend's cheese danish

40 minutes passive muscle toning

Dinner: green salad + 6 large sushis + bottomless green tea

After a good nigh sleep... 1.250 km swim + 100 abs + 30 seconds plank + wake up call yoga and off to the hills

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