Thursday, August 27, 2009

A beautiful day in the sun of San Francisco

Last preparations before next week's Burning Man event!

The Nestle commercial is out... you can check it out on the FaceBook fan page
By the way: competition still running on the FaceBook fan page... take a picture of yourself with the Nestle Fitness cereal boxes... post them on the FaceBook fan page... the best picture will win a free telephone coaching session to whom made it :)

More news... the team's hard work is well rewarded, what a joy... To see that, what we do, attracts respectable and respected brands as well as our thousands of clients across the world makes us proud of our labors and of the direction taken.

After a good night, feeling good... its the big back-to-school day today... its all about giving the right impetus in order to start school on the right foot!

So, fresh lemon juice in room temperature water, to make sure we don't destroy its vitamin C, Rooibos tea, get the wonder kid ready... I grab my phone, Nestle (not the cereals, the cockapoo :) and we're off for an hours walk on an empty stomach during witch I slot in the morning conference calls with my team, journalists and other important people like my clients for example.

Breakfast in a rush as I forgot that I had to
be in San Francisco: 1 apple (organic of course) + 3 little gluten free dairy free pancakes with some rhubarb jam... yummy!

20 minutes walk

Lunch with Romain in a cute little patio at Haight/Ashbury (the hippie quarter): rainbow trout + sauteed new potatoes, roquette salad and shared pudding (preserved cherries with cream :)

10 minutes walk

No snack, after such a lunch I am not hungry until dinner and also, the heat wave tends to reduce my appetite!

Dinner: 1 veggie streak + steamed broccoli/soyannaise + 1 date

20 minutes digestive walk
100 floor abs
100 bridge glutes
30 "girl" press-ups on the floor
100 leg balancers on each side
30 wall press-ups
30 minutes passive muscle toning

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