Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nestle Fitness! That's it the boxes are on the shelves!!!

After weeks of total secrecy... the Nestle project can finally be announced publicly... and we cannot be discreet anymore since the Nestle Breakfast Cereal boxes are on sale all over France... and you can clearly see me on them... awaiting the second part of the Nestle project to be released, I will announce it soon :)

I am very happy as the product is whole wheat based and the sugar levels are very low... a mass market product, that pleases the boot.camper that I am!

A very good intensive day here... first with 2 interviews to begin the day on a right foot.

Breakfast: 1 home made carrot/apple juice + a few raw linseed crackers (home made of course)

3 km steady pace jogging with Nestle (the dog) and sonny... we are training for our run on Saturday morning... 100 varied abs + 20 45degree press ups + 100 bridge glutes + 30 Hindu prayers

Lunch: 1 pupusa straight from Salvador + cherry tomatoes with soyannaise + 1 date.

Snack: raw onion crackers with tahini (not home made, I am really struggling to make sesame paste without heating up the Vitamix) + sesame crackers + 1 apple

30 minutes walk with super Nestle... yes, it is a total coincidence that my dog was named Nestle... long before the start of dealings with the brand,
what a coincidence... imagine if I had called it K...!!

Dinner: 6 scallops + corn salad + 1 soya yogurt and 2 tbs granola for the sweetness I love finishing my meals with

100 abs on the killer abs lounge I dust off for the occasion

100 nut crackers

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