Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its my little hatchling's birthday

who is actually getting quite big, yes, here he is now officially a teenager!

Still, we begin the day with a 1 km swim in the pool together just for the sake of getting us going for the day.

Breakfast: 1 pink grapefruit + 1 handful blueberries + 1 bowl wholewheat Cherrios (I must admit it isn't very tasty, It feels a bit like eating sawdust, can't wait for the packet to be finished) + soya milk

Lunch: 1 cold pork chop with soyannaise + 1 tomato + Maldon salt/olive oil + 1 plum + 1 handful blueberries

100 abs on the killer abs lounger
50 wall press-ups

Message for Chm who posted a message with regards to a possible trip to SF... yes dear, if you come, you can have Alejandro all to yourself for an hour!

30 granny squats
50 leg sweeps on each side
1 hour accumulated walking

Snack: 1 frozen ice cream with fresh fruit (note that, it represents fewer calories/energy than a cereal bar, only 150... pleasure without guilt)

A lot of cooking for this evening's party that promises to be a hoot. My son has asked for home made pizzas tarts, and so on ...

Dinner party, so we enjoy: puff pastry spinach pies, mini quiches, mixed salad, home made pizza, kiwi/coconut tarts and strawberry and custard tarts - all accompanied by green tea :)

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