Sunday, August 9, 2009

52 km on a bike, yes I did it, my very own Mont Ventoux

Answer for "Jackille", the address for the raw cafe I m talking about is 20th Harrison :)

Some days, like this one, we surpass ourselves!

Breakfast: a raw smoothie with home made almond milk + plum + vanilla extract + 1 banana... along with a pineapple white tea...

19 km cycling (with a many hills!!! it hardly ever went downwards)

Lunch in the hills: 1 slice from a companion's pizza + a chicken salad + 3 mouthfuls of a companion's cake + green tea

33 km cycling... even hillier and a great ride downhill to finish as we have to get down at some point!

no snack... this super-human, or at least, super-coach, effort has exhausted me and taken my appetite away.

30 minutes walk in addition for reasons I cannot explain...

Dinner: I force myself a little bit as my appetite still hasn't returned but I am sure it will be good for me: 1 roast chicken leg (with the skin of course, its tastier) + ketchup and a huge lambs lettuce salad + 2 plums for desert.

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