Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Explosive and fully packed day in LA

20 minutes yoga on an empty stomach... nothing better to start the day :)
200 floor abs
30 minutes walk to go a get my morning tea + 1 raw chia seed bar... a delight of concentrated energy that's good for the body!

I meet up with Miki, the celebs hairdresser on both sides of the atlantic... he changes my hair color, very dark nearly black, straight, long with a nice fringe... he makes me beautiful, thank you Miki!

1 hour walk

I grab a quick bite at Champagne, a small French restaurant chain: 1 vegetables crepe + 1 babyleaf salad and a small eggless chocolate creme brulee.

30 minutes walk

Incredible meeting with a woman famous for her ability to do and undo brands and peoples' images... she is interested in my case... but hush,... let' talk about it later.

No snack of course... I must run, off to the airport and fly home with a travel companion who works the Congo for a NGO

Dinner in the airport: 26 shrimps (the number is exact: it was written on the menu) + 1 bowl clam soup and a soda light... yes, once in a while won't kill me.

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