Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Launch of "The Orsoni Method" in France

Voila! What excitement!!! My famous LeBootCamp, in a book, titled "The Orsoni Method", is finally ready to invade the world of dieting, which I truly hope will help stop the dangerous fads of hypocritical medical professionals and gurus out there who have broken The Hippocratic Oath in search for fame and money.

Here is a work presenting a truly healthy approach to weight loss, without deprivation, dangerous supplements or miracle powders. Created together with 35 medical experts, this method worked for me....and it will work for you!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

More than 1,200,000 women worldwide have been coached by me...now it's your turn!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ABC TV in Los Angeles: your coach, ice-cream, and breakfast

Here I am in Los Angeles - Pasadena to be exact - in a truly dream-like hotel, an ex-Ritz, The Langham Huntington. Positively fantastical, but just my luck, my next-door neighbors are very noisy! That said, I arrive truly tried for my ABC TV segment (to broadcast on May 28th).

On the program: my famous ice-cream sundae test (as explained to you last week :)

With Lindsley Lowell, my absolutely incredible publicist :)

A day in Los Angeles can never end without a dinner with Pilates Master, Tracey Mallett, who is always between trips across the globe, be it Booty Barre training in Turkey or Japan, or even as far as Australia.

The two of us tackle the world's problems as we sip green tea - the energy between us two healthy living pros is the perfect lead-up for my upcoming Paris trip to launch my new book "La Methode Orsoni" (The Orsoni Method)!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salt Lake City: My Ice-Cream Sundae Test

Salt Lake City, worldwide capital of the Mormons. What an interesting place - it almost feels like a "fake" city! I've never experienced this anywhere else! Everything is very clean and strangely perfect, somewhat surreal!

The schedule for the day, 3 TV shows and a meeting with my super Everest guide, Gary Scott, whom I always find in the most insane of places!

Upon rising, I have my freshly squeezed lemon juice (I always take some lemons along with me) followed by my Soba Cha.

No breakfast, because the first show takes place at 6:00am - my appetite hasn't yet arrived, so I give it some time ;).

I head to CW30 studio (Salt Lake's home to Vampire Diaries:) for 2 TV segments. I present 5 at-home exercises to get beach-ready followed by my famous "Ice-Cream Sundae Test" (many people think they're having a healthy breakfast when in fact their choices contain as much - or more - fat and sugar than an ice-cream sundae!).

At the studio, I offer my services to one of the cameramen who is currently overweight and wants to get in shape for his upcoming wedding :). You can follow his journey and support his progress at: Steve's Journey to a Perfect Groom's Body

Next on the schedule is ABC7 where we shoot a segment on the same subject which is a true hit. There I meet Olympic wrestling champion, Rulon Gardner. An inspiration to millions - he's lost over 100kg!

I'm almost dying of hunger after these 3 segments which haven't left me time to breathe, drink or eat :). So I eat one of the energy bars which I've brought along as part of my props for the show ;)!

I return to city center to explore before my last interviews for the day. A final total of 3 hours accumulated walking!

Japanese lunch at Takashi with some rather spicy sushi (phew!), green tea, and a small well-deserved dessert: tapioca cream with pineapple.

One last meeting for the day, and then back to San Francisco. A truly fulfilling day!