Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salt Lake City: My Ice-Cream Sundae Test

Salt Lake City, worldwide capital of the Mormons. What an interesting place - it almost feels like a "fake" city! I've never experienced this anywhere else! Everything is very clean and strangely perfect, somewhat surreal!

The schedule for the day, 3 TV shows and a meeting with my super Everest guide, Gary Scott, whom I always find in the most insane of places!

Upon rising, I have my freshly squeezed lemon juice (I always take some lemons along with me) followed by my Soba Cha.

No breakfast, because the first show takes place at 6:00am - my appetite hasn't yet arrived, so I give it some time ;).

I head to CW30 studio (Salt Lake's home to Vampire Diaries:) for 2 TV segments. I present 5 at-home exercises to get beach-ready followed by my famous "Ice-Cream Sundae Test" (many people think they're having a healthy breakfast when in fact their choices contain as much - or more - fat and sugar than an ice-cream sundae!).

At the studio, I offer my services to one of the cameramen who is currently overweight and wants to get in shape for his upcoming wedding :). You can follow his journey and support his progress at: Steve's Journey to a Perfect Groom's Body

Next on the schedule is ABC7 where we shoot a segment on the same subject which is a true hit. There I meet Olympic wrestling champion, Rulon Gardner. An inspiration to millions - he's lost over 100kg!

I'm almost dying of hunger after these 3 segments which haven't left me time to breathe, drink or eat :). So I eat one of the energy bars which I've brought along as part of my props for the show ;)!

I return to city center to explore before my last interviews for the day. A final total of 3 hours accumulated walking!

Japanese lunch at Takashi with some rather spicy sushi (phew!), green tea, and a small well-deserved dessert: tapioca cream with pineapple.

One last meeting for the day, and then back to San Francisco. A truly fulfilling day!

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