Monday, April 23, 2012

Launch of LeBootCamp Food!

As you know, LeBootCamp proudly coaches 1 million women (and some men - 11%) worldwide. 92% of them have lost weight in a PERMANENT way without any deprivation or drastic life changes. No cabbage soup, pineapple, Hollywood, or hyper-protein diets. We are acclaimed for our gourmet menus and recipes, and effortless fitness routines!

LeBootCamp aims to bring ease and sophistication to all aspects of healthy living, and we understand that there isn't always time to cook a healthy homemade meal. So for those hectic moments which call for a nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner, we've now got your every last bite covered by a celebrity chef, and ready to be delivered to your home or office!

LeBootCamp Food is a collaborative service by LeBootCamp, two-star Michelin chef Mauro Colagreco, and KitchenDiet. Our meal plans are based on proven principles of the LeBootCamp diet: low glycemic index, plenty of seasonal fruit and vegetables, controlled portions, and gourmet cooking.

Currently available in Europe only, but coming soon to your US city!

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