Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ABC TV in Los Angeles: your coach, ice-cream, and breakfast

Here I am in Los Angeles - Pasadena to be exact - in a truly dream-like hotel, an ex-Ritz, The Langham Huntington. Positively fantastical, but just my luck, my next-door neighbors are very noisy! That said, I arrive truly tried for my ABC TV segment (to broadcast on May 28th).

On the program: my famous ice-cream sundae test (as explained to you last week :)

With Lindsley Lowell, my absolutely incredible publicist :)

A day in Los Angeles can never end without a dinner with Pilates Master, Tracey Mallett, who is always between trips across the globe, be it Booty Barre training in Turkey or Japan, or even as far as Australia.

The two of us tackle the world's problems as we sip green tea - the energy between us two healthy living pros is the perfect lead-up for my upcoming Paris trip to launch my new book "La Methode Orsoni" (The Orsoni Method)!

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