Monday, May 17, 2010

My Body Coach featured in German mag

My Body Coach for Wii is featured in JOLIE, the #1 beauty and well-being magazine in Germany. Read the article here: MyBodyCoach

45 min of walking on an empty stomach while on the telephone because lots of projects going on at the moment...

Breakfast: fresh strawberries and 1 banana + a little homemade raw granola + homemade almond milk

Another 45 mins of walking while on the telephone...I almost stayed on a chair without moving my butt but with some crazy effort I was able to lift myself up and get moving :)
Lunch: 1 raw hamburger, a new recipe - very yummy, with plenty of ketchup (yay lycopene!) + strawberries

1 hr of yoga/stretching

Snack: 4 squares of dark chocolate with chili's spicy as Eric says but it's very good!

100 glute contractions in the office, 100 abs on my crazy ab lounge, 100 butterfly abs

Dinner: broccoli soup with curry and chicken + 1 grapefruit

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