Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bay to Breakers - 12km of fun, sport and good spirits!

And well, here we are, with only 3-4 hrs of sleep behind us, waking up was VERY difficult..I would happily stay under my blanket but this annual event pulls me out :)

It is 5:00am, and I have a 15 min drive to San Francisco for this exciting footrace in San Francisco: the Bay to Breakers. 12 km East to West for the big pros and the not-so-big pros....the serious pros are wearing jogging outfits and others - the majority - are wearing crazy costumes!!! There are even naked people in the streets! San Francisco is still the same revolutionary melting pot it was in the late 60's :)

No breakfast when I wake up....We rush off to participate and gather the largest number of people to create the longest human centipede 2027 people connected to one another who are going to walk 30m together! The Guinness Book of Records is going to record this. I don't know yet if we won but in all cases the fun is sure here! Then we get started with flying tortillas, screams and crazy costumes...!

Breakfast on the way: 1/2 a chicken sandwich, a biscotti and a LARGE hot tea because it's only 15 degrees!

12km drag out a bit because the crowd slows down the progression, only the last 3 kilometres will be covered running (finally Alex and Valerie, and during that time, Baptiste picks up pace and Denis needs to fight against all those smoking hot girls that cling to him!)

Well-deserved lunch at midday: 1 split pea soup + 1 piece of bread & butter + smoked salmon bruschetta + 3 tbsp of strawberry charlotte...not terrible, and I don't finish the charlotte...this is my technique, if it isn't good, I abstain so that I can really enjoy the good things :).

No snack of course.

Dinner: in fact I am so exhausted that I am not hungry :) so 1 bowl of soup + 3 grapefruits...I think I'm officially addicted to grapefruit!

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