Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Article on LeBootCamp / Valerie Orsoni in the Edmonton Sun - go Canada!

Last week I was interviewed by the Edmonton Sun and the result is an article which starts off with a bang ;) You can read the article here: Keeping Fit with Valerie Orsoni

Breakfast: 2 large raw crackers with smoked salmon + strawberries
No exercise this morning, too many meetings and coaching on the telephone

Business lunch with someone who will significantly impact LeBootCamp. I am too involved in the discussion to eat alot and in any case the dishes are a bit too rich for my some fries+ 5 baby chicken skewers + 1 samossa...but I still take a full dessert which I don't share - mango pudding :)

10 min walk + 45 min walk + 1 hr of yoga/stretching....I'm getting better and better at headstands...yeah! No snack, I was too busy :)

Dinner: homemade soup (leftover from yesterday) + 1 chicken sausage with tomato sauce + 1 grapefruit and 2 small caramels :)

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