Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sore muscles :) + Get Him to the Greek

Wow, I still feel the sore muscles from the crazy hike!

After my
morning s
obacha, lemon juice and roobois,
I am ready to jog for 20 min at a slow pace + 10 min walk followed by 30 min of yoga and 1 hr massage...luckily I started my day very early or I would not be able to squeeze in all this activity!

With all the activity going on and phonecalls....I don't manage to have breakfast before 11am! Since it's close to lunchtime, I keep it light: a smoothie: fresh coconut milk + Truvia + 1 banana + 1 small punnet of raspberries + a drop of vanilla extract.

A quick lunch because I need to go and shoot some new videos: mixed salad, raw crackers + 2 slices of pastrami + 1 prune

Difficult shooting because of lots of wind! We finally find a relatively calm spot behind the Palace of Fine Arts....really beautiful!

At snack time my stomach alerts me and I want some sugar....a lemon crepe, to be precise....and lo and behold we find a place that serves just that ;)...so vanilla rooibois + 4 small (very thin, I assure you) sweet lemon crepes.

Then I head to the cinema to see Get Him to the Greek with Russell Brand. Before leaving,
1/2 tomato chapati with cream of anchovy (I know, I know, a weird combination, but I like it!) + 1 prune...and then at the cinema, 1 serving of popcorn without the horrible chemical butter hence no damage is caused :)

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