Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas for 2 days for some business meetings.

During summertime in Las Vegas, it's 104 degrees in the shade...that is if you can find some shade :)

Thursday, I get up at 4.45am so no breakfast! I arrive to the airport exhausted and when I go to the restroom, Murphy's Law goes full force...

Hesitating where to put my handbag - which contains a iPad, a laptop, telephones and camera (I find the counter edge designed for this purpose too narrow and thus I'm afraid that it will fall in), I decide to put my bag in a hand-washing which the tap starts automatically via infrared….after 2 minutes, I hear the water running and wonder who could be washing their hands when I am alone in the bathroom .... I look at my handbag and contents, now an aquarium of sorts… the message takes a few seconds has to arrive to my brain ..... my bag is full of water, the telephone and iPad are floating, the computer is drenched… in short, disaster! Of course, the handbag is also completely ruined… I thus board the flight with lots of plastic carry-on bags! The camera completely died….fortunately, an adorable geek deals helps me out and removes the batteries and other parts of my gadgets to let them dry….he turns out to be right since the telephone (go Blackberry, they are unbreakable ;) recovers and is working 12 hrs later, the iPad returns to life, and the laptop too. Just the camera remains which is gone beyond all hope. Bravo coach!

Breakfast onboard: 2 green teas + 1 slice of carrot cake

In one spot, walking, meetings, a few exercises to stay in shape, specifically arms (they must be toned for my bathing suit) and tand thighs (for the same reason :)

A very late lunch due to a crazy meeting schedule: a plate filled with little French specialties + 2 small desserts.

No snack, it's too hot and I am swamped...

Late dinner - as if I were jet-lagged! A mixed salad with shrimp and 1 serving of fries ....and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

A very short night....and then I move on to another very busy day, to say the least

Breakfast: a piece of bread and butter, and nothing else because I don't really have much with me and besides, I don't have much of an appetite in general. It must be the heat...

Walking here and there...a little exercise to tone my body...

Late lunch, Las Vegas is definitely the ideal place to find yourself jet lagged!
A plate full of lots of little tapas + 2 baby lemon pies for dessert + 1 handful of grapes

No snack

Return to SF, move a little on the plane, and my poor neighbor took the brunt of my stress release with me being so afraid when we took off. But I have to admit he did his best to make me forget we were taking off and that we might crash...thank you to my nice neighbor!

Dinner: mixed salad with Nopal cactus (yummy) and grapefruit...and then straight to bed!

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