Sunday, January 25, 2009

500 posts!

There I am, publishing my 500th post on my French blog (a little fewer on this one)... and I am reminiscing over a few years of my life as your dedicated coach :) 
We have been trough many events together, ups and downs (more ups than downs after all), tears and laughter, some blue and some rosy, some pounds too many and some lost, fixed elections and real elections...

I had one of those week-ends the way we love them... diner with friends, race in the woods, shopping for my trip to LA, fits of laughter... and some sport of course...

Rather than share with you everything I eat, drink or sweat... This time I wish to dedicate this post to all of you, my faithful readers,... all of you who "scold" me when I haven't written for a few days  :)

Let's carry on together in good cheer and happiness... and as Obama says ....YES WE CAN!

To all fast,

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