Friday, January 9, 2009

Losing weight after the holidays

I am frequently asked what to do after the Xmas season in order to lose a few excess pounds, get a flat tummy,... so, as it is the time for good resolutions, fitness and weight loss goals galore... I can only recommend you come and pay a visit to the website already the French leader in its field and newly launched in the UK, my gift to you: Valerie Orsoni's LeBootcamp, how good is that!

Breakfast: Pot of green tea + 2 apples + porridge with white mulberry fruit (yes, from the same tree used to feed silk worms... yummy... not the worms the berries;-)

During the morning the pace picks up as Carole and Selina keep me on my toes :)... several projects materialise ....whilst others are kept on the back burner...Robert we are coming and TL hold on tight as Krav Maga is powerful and intense when used the way I mean to. 

15 mn yoga (directly from "my gym" on coaching yoga LeBootCamp)
100 abs on the killer ab lounge
50 standing press ups against the wall

Lunch in a Japanese restaurant: 1 small green salad + edamame + 6 eel sushis and lots of green tea

10 mn walk
60 kicks

Snack time: 1 slice of wholemeal bread + a little non hydrogenated margarine + wild smoked salmon. 

Diner: 4 mini hamburgers (about 2/3 of a regular one) + 1 apple

To finish, look out, soon you will see us all over your favorite magazines. Happy fit and glamorous year 2009!



  1. well if I had some doubts about should I take new year's resolutions or not .... :-)