Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historical moment - The Obama Day

Breakfast: Green tea (1 liter during Obama's speech) + 1/2 cup raw cereals + almond milk+ 1 bunch grapes

Great moment of history... Obama's speech was superb, he is a real preacher (in the good sense of the term). Did he have notes? He surely never looked like he had! He hid nothing of the massive challenges and difficulties America faces but also knew how to give us hope.

1h cycling on an empty stomach

20 min relaxed walking just before lunch

Lunch: 1 bowl split pea soup + 1 banana + 1 bunch grapes

snack : 1 soya yogurt + 1 small packet cereals (150 calories :)

30 min walk

Gym : 60 min varied cardio training (elliptic trainer, recumbent bike, straight bike etc... full blast with high resistance)
100 abs
30 biceps each side
30 triceps each side

Diner : 1 bowl "dahl", a small portion peas + 1 orange and a small bunch grapes

Lots of tea.


  1. All leaders are positive in every decision they plan because they want it to have a good result:)

  2. hello.....wondering why the blog has stoppppped! nothing new in the coaching world?