Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sing and run with me - my latest playlist

I can't complain, it isn't nearly as cold here as it is in London, Paris or New York!

After my sacrosanct morning green tea, I wrap up nice and warm and I am off for my 30 minute pre-breakfast walk with my dog, Nestle, always up for an early stroll... it is frosty but the bright blue sky promises a gorgeous day.

Breakfast: oats with flax seeds and mulberries + 3 dried figs ( did you know: they supply me with 6%of my daily calcium needs)  

Throughout the day, I drink my alkalizing drink par excellence: I drop a few slices of lemon in a big jug of water and ...detox!

We are on TV this week-end, all over Closer's commercial, and tomorrow I am doing my monthly review on BFM radio in France. 

30mn of SambaBox(tm), invented by us, works-out the whole body without thinking about it.
100 abs

my current playlist:

Butterfly (my happy song:)
Massive Black Holes (boosts me, you cannot run slowly on that one)
Money Money Money (ABBA)
Millimeter (Noa - I know it by heart in Hebrew)
Que Hora Son (Mano Negra - to brush up on my Spanish)
Aux Sombres Heros de l'Amer (Noir Desir, to keep the French going)
Bubbly (Cobby Caillat - I luuuve it)

Lunch on the go: 2 slices of sprouted seed bread + a little non-hydrogenated margarine + wild smoked salmon + 2 crackers + 1 apple + 3 dry figs + green tea

30 minutes walk

snack time: some fresh almonds + 1 apple + Romain arrives and I scoff 10 After Eights, not so good :)

15 minutes walk

We dine out with friends (we laugh continuously for at least half an hour, I shall count that towards my daily all ads up): citrus salad, a few mouthfulls of some of what the others ordered... some buttered bread... so so as a meal but it was all washed down with green tea and the mood was great!

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  1. love this new blog...Val I like how you shre your experiences with us...thanks again..and keep it up!