Monday, January 12, 2009

French lover with english accent - irresistible

If an englishman talks like this to me...I'll just run after him like crazy :-)

Short night after a really great evening. 

1/2 liter water  at room temperature.

1h15 de Fartlek in the canyon ... if you go downhill, inevitably you know it will go uphill at some point... rather intense!
At the canyon's entrance a reassuring signpost: there are pumas roaming around at this time of the year, Lyme disease infected tics, poison oak, rattle snakes...if we get out alive and unharmed, we will be lucky!

500 glute contractions

Very late breakfast: 1 banana + 1 bunch of grapes

Lunch prepared by expert hands (thanks:) --> fricassee of shittake mushrooms, 5 fork-fulls of fresh pasta + a bunch of grapes + green tea

1h barefoot walk on the beach, what a joy! I don't wish to sound too smug but it is 25 degrees C here and the sky is bright blue...

Big afternoon snack : 1 LeBootCamp style Chai tea (1 Chai teabag + 1 shot soja milk + Splenda + a sprinkle freshly grated nutmeg) + 1 small organic cereal and dried fruit snack bar ...and I can't resit 6 crackers with a bit of blue cheese

Diner : one bowl of tomato bisque + 1 baby-leaf salad + 5 large fork-fulls fresh pasta with pan fried mushrooms

20 stand-up push ups
60 glutes contractions
20 granny squats (with arms stretched out in front)

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  1. I don't understand the lyrics but it seems funny :-) and would love to visit Paris, too...thanks for tis cool blog Valerie!