Friday, January 16, 2009

About BOSU and Inca Berries...

Rooibos tea

Breakfast on the go, whatever I can lay my hands on, I get hold of
2 cereal snack-bars... check the calorie content just in case, I wouldn't like to be binging first things in the morning, pffhew! 180 + 150, 330 that's all-right.

Gym: 30 min Bosu Balance Trainer (see photo) + 15 min exercise bike

30 min Fartlek before lunch.

Lunch: warm salad of beans/shallots/smoked salmon + 1 quiche without the base and without eggs (I am allergic to them)...all right, it isn't really a quiche, but it looks like one:) 1 handful golden Inca berries....

Ah, golden Inca berries...I promised to tell you about them today...slightly tart taste, a bit candy-
ish. Those berries have several names, the official one is: physalis peruviana, they are also called Cape Gooseberries or goldenberries. This new superfruit has the highest level of easily absorbed amino acids of all fruit (to date:) with a content of 16 % protein. It also contains vitamin P (a very powerful flavonoid), pectin (that absorbs water, fills you up and reduces your appetite), it helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus and B vitamins!
Not yet so easy to get hold of (you will have no trouble buying them online), those berries are a fabulous source beneficial effects!

Snack time: 2 little apples + 1 small bowl porridge + 1 hand-full dried mulberries.

20 min cumulated walking

Diner with friends, greatly mood uplifting and beneficial for cardiac health (thanks to our numerous fits of laughter!):  I indulge myself with
little crackers and hummus during our pre-diner drinks... so, when we get to the Vietnamese restaurant, I stick to a crab Pho soup : lots of stock, crab and mushrooms. Very filling with very little fat.

100 abs on the killer ab lounge.

2 min "side squats"


  1. hey Val..this is cool. I thought you had disappeared or something ;)
    Is it ok to go to a BOSU class if I have a chronic tendinitis?

  2. love this blog! it's interesting to see how you adapt your program to a "normal" life. I feel I don't exercise as much as you do but still it is motivating to read :)