Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

It is Martin Luther King day here... a lot of liveliness and entertainment as it is also the eve to Barrack Obama's big speech... Obamania is in full swing!

Breakfast: 1 freshly pressed lemon juice +room temperature water + 1/2 cup raw sprouted buckwheat cereal with agave nectar (yumyum) + almond milk and grapes. This time I actually measure the quantity of cereal, I usually just raid the packet.

I rush to the gym with a stack of articles I have to read and "stick" myself onto a sitting stationary bike (to work out gluts without getting huge calves),  I pedal for 1h:
5 min at level 1
5 min at level 2
5 min at level 3
5 min at level 4
5 min at level 5
35 min at level 6
pffhew, it does feels good to push oneself like that!

Lunch: 10 olives + 1 small bowl tomato soup + 3 tbs spaghetti bolognaise+ 1 Japanese apple

I want more, but I am still applying objective visualisation... there is no way I will let myself get off track...the goal forever, the some say "eyes on the prize".

Despite all my precautions and protections, a big Trojan virus has penetrated my computer....verdict: wipe it all and start again...luckily at LeBootCamp we do a lot of our work online and do regular a result, the drama isn't too...dramatic! And, fortunately, I have Super Geek to hand....I won't name you but you know who you are:) (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

snack : 3 clementines

A great chat with Tany, my former publicist who is pursuing her dream...she has written a book about women and dogs... you can find it here: Babes with Dogs

Diner : 1 bowl of dhal soup (Indian curried spilt pea soup) + 1 bowl carrot and cauliflower curry soup+ 10 crumbled thin crackers in the soups + 1 pear.

50 stand up press-ups

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