Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lily's French Cafe in Venice Beach

I wake up with a bad chill... the city's drafts + the very wintery temperature + heating that started blowing ice cold air, all together have broken down my defenses....

breakfast: 1 tub strawberries + 1 raw bar + 1/2 liter water

30 45 degrees press-ups
200 abs
100 side to side leaps on each side 
100 Hindu Prayer Moves
1h accumulated walking on the telephone

Lunch at Pane Vino with a man worshipped by all men but I enough said :)..... I arrive an hour too early, let down by my non-updated diary... 3 slices of bread + olive oil + 3/4 of a WAFER THIN pizza WITHOUT cheese (called puttanesca in fact it is base + tomato sauce + capers) + 1 bowl of fresh berries + green tea.

I rush off to meet 2 really nice women who get about in the movie industry... I only have a bottle of San Pellegrino (let's not abuse it)... we discuss the outfits and styling of some movies, and several other topics as well....and off.....I go...

100 buttock sqweezes in the car

5pm, touch the ground and run... meeting with "The" hollywood publicist, again at Kate Mantelini's, which is becoming my base camp.... we cannot not order anything from the menu... it isn't a bar so, green tea + fruit cobbler + 1 ball toffee ice cream

In the evening I scoot off to Venice for diner/interview in Lily's Cafe Francais, a really friendly French restaurant (very far from the arrogance of its hollywood-ian or Berverlyhills-ian counterparts). On the menu: lobster bisque, half a portion mussels and fries + 1/2 raspberry mille-feuille... how can I resist? the mille feuille is called... NAPOLEON!
Their website, a bit of free advertising for them:

I finish Confessions of a  Shopaholic, which movie with Isla Fisher is about to be released... the style is basic, not particularly riveting... but the story is interesting and if cleverly directed, the end product might be entertaining.

A long hour answering urgent emails and off to bed I have a big day on tomorrow!

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