Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pacing through the day in Hollywood

On an empty stomach: 10 min yoga breathing
Morning Wake Up Call (yoga)
100 abs

30 press-ups

No breakfast, no time, my hotel's restaurant service is so slowwwww

a morning of filming for a top secret project. All will be revealed on the February 15th.

Interview at Chateau Marmont (the restaurant where the stars can dine undisturbed, taking pictures is forbidden, we are among "friends")... In her heyday Lindsay Lohan used to have a suite there (she is a bit broke now). A 2 hour interview with a really lovely journalist.

My choice: lentil soup + 1/2 portion medium cooked salmon (yes, the soup effect, it stills the appetite, well it reduces it) + a few vegetables... and for pudding, 4 earl gray tea muffins (yes 4... but it could have been worse in my journalist hadn't helped me) + stewed pear.

No snack because I am in meetings all afternoon.

Diner in my hotel room where I prepare for tomorrows meetings and video shoots... on the menu: carrot/ginger soup + 1 tub strawberries + 1 banana

No cardio today my schedule is too tight... I will catch up tomorrow! (Although if we take into account the multiple outfit changes - 4 today - that's exercise all right!)

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