Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am a fan of Romain Duris

When you really take a closer look at them, many praised actors become famous over night and then keep to a certain type of role: the heartthrob, the baddy, the action man, the comedian...

Romain's range of acting is so rich that I am always exited whenever I see his name appear on a film's credits: I never know if he will be the hunk (think of The Spanish Hotel), or the tortured soul of Gadjo Dilo, (one of my top 10 films, thanks Ed for introducing me to this gem), of course that is not all....very few actors achieve that...

So, for me here, all the way away in america....I wished to spend some time with Romain:)

In the States, we are often at the mercy of the hype ...the buzz...the sensational marketing surrounding the "launch" of THE "new stars" who haven't got the time to build night wonders.
I can't wait for Persecution with Romain Duris and Jean-Luc Anglade, two of my favourites,... what a treat!

Green tea + Chai tea during the morning's technical is getting tricky...let's say that my wonderful ideas aren't always technically that easy to translate into reality

2 min brazilian moves
45 sec invisible chair (whilst waiting :)

breakfast : 1 nicely ripe papaya (enjoying the benefits of papain) + 3 dried figs+ 1 french toast (like yesterday, all ready, no eggs, delicious)

1h cycling to go from one meeting to the next
30 min walking on the telephone

Lunch with A : baby-leaf salad+ smoked salmon + 5 raw crackers + 1 slice sprouted grain bread+ 1 tiny slither of non hydrogenated margarine + 1 bowl minestrone + 1 small hand-full dried mulberries

30 min walk

Snack-time : 2 small soya yogurts + 1 handfull Inca berries (I will tell you all about them tomorrow :)In the meantime here is a picture so you canse what they look like.

Diner : warm salad of beans/shallots/wild smoked salmon + 3 latkes (potato pancake, polish jewish recipe) + 4 dried figs

100 abs on the killer ab lounge :)

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