Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only in America!

Breakfast on the run : 1 pear+ 1 orange + 2 slices German style sprouted seed rye bread with soyonnaise + 1 slice ham (paper thin slice :)

plenty of green tea

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach before lunch

On the way to my luncheon, I "bump into" a queue that wraps around several blocks... mainly orientals (I will never find out why!), the never ending human line stretches right up to Macy's entrance... a bit further on, the same, this time the queue takes its "participants" towards luxurious Neimann Marcus (where Victoria Bekham has an account allowing her 5 millions dollars expenditure!)....I enquire and find out, this could only happen in America. Here is the story, because of a billing problem, each retailer had over-charged by $2 on a range of cosmetics they where selling and as a result of loosing the class action lawsuit, the outlets must offer the plaintiffs a compensation: a lipstick worth $10... To obtain it? One must queue for 4 hours in rain that lashes down after 2 weeks of bright sunshine... and have the receipt for the wrongly billed item (purchased 3 months ago) as well as the original packaging... despite these conditions and the ridiculously low amount at stake, the queue grows to half a mile long outside each shop!
A case of "why keep it simple if we can fill the pockets of lawyers and waste a lot of time" 

Zen lunch in a vegan restaurant :Miso soup with tofu cubes+ 1 bowl edamame + monk's salad (plenty of baby leaf salad, pieces of Japanese apple and light dressing)

1h30 walk between meetings

snack: nothing but 2 teas with my various "contacts", all right then, 1 bunch grapes

100 buttock contractions

Japanese diner : 6 eel sushis  + small green salad + 5 sashimi and green tea

2 min Brazilian moves

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