Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year - How to strengthen your pelvic floor - we are in January's BIBA mag

What a year end full of happiness... days go by and the good news just keeps coming... we discontinue partnerships that make little sense for us and begin some new ones that make me proud of what I do :)

We are delighted to be in January's BIBA magazine, a real joy... we talk about the pelvic floor a popular topic LeBootCamp has been discussing for years... indeed, my dear boot.campers, you were like Moliere's Monsieur Jourdain who was doing prose without knowing... you were working out your pelvic floor without knowing either:)

A few days mental rest... It is an opportunity for me to cook... create new recipes with our in-house chef... yummeee... we haven't got 5000 recipes on LeBootCamp, only a thousand, but we have tested and retested each of them... and more importantly we have designed them with you, the boot.campers :)

All right, the clock has struck 12...
I wish you a very Happy New Year 2010... 2009 was a blast for me... 2010 will be extraordinary :) I wish you the same :)

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