Saturday, January 23, 2010

Packing for New York

Breakfast: fresh lemon juice and carrot/cucumber boost

1 hour strength training with Brian

Now it's time to pack... in an organised fashion not to forget anything :)

Lunch: home made seafood soup + 2 slices melon + 3 slices pineapple (thin ones) + 1 portion swedish bread

3 mini Twix :)

Snack at the cinema "The Book of Eli": a Tchai tea with soya milk (healthier than a soda) and some home made dried apple (delicious, filling and satisfies the sweet taste buds)
All this fibre swells in the stomach, as a result I'm not hungry later... so just a little bit of guacamole with corn crisps and a large pink grapefruit, that's all I want for dinner.

Suitcase packed, so off to bed!

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