Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LeBootCamp in a dozen international publications... we continue

What a frenetic exciting start of the year!... just as I love it!

We are in Blush.com, Glamour, Oops, Pleine Vie, Hola, Mujer, Hoy and I know I am forgetting some:)

The 26th January approaches... go on then I'll tell you tomorrow what it is all about :)

I continue to groom my figure more than usually do, to be at my bestest (Ok I know, this isn't a real word, but you get my gist) for the 26th :)

Raw vitamin packed breakfast : apple/carrot boost + 1 apple

Lunch: 3 "deck of cards" smoked white fish fillets (from the great lakes), a delight + an enormous pink grapefruit. 

1h45 walk on the telephone

Snack: I was going to just have a tchai tea my style but I got cornered by a zucchini muffin and the muffin won!

20 minutes speedwalking
1hour training with Brian

Dinner: coconut milk rice with a chicken gratin and mango/papaya salsa (all home made of course:)

a wonderful day... let's carry on!

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