Monday, January 11, 2010

Get a flat tummy for the summer, shed the cellulite + LeBootCamp in Glamour USA

Wonderful! some of my tips quoted in Glamour USA!

I am often asked what to do to get rid of cellulite and achieve a flat tummy.

Despite what some doctors say (usually men), it is possible to rid yourself from the unwelcome dimply cellulite by combining non-inflammatory foods with the right kind of exercise... I say the right kind of exercise because area focused exercises alone won't suffice, you need to work out holistically. You can find my very detailed advice and tips on how to rid yourself of cellulite by writing to Your Coach from your Private Space on LeBootCamp

To obtain a flat tummy, it is best to focus on the core abdominal muscles... holding your tummy in as often as possible is already a very good start :) and to favor cardiovascular pursuits that draw on the fat where it is hidden (on the tummy in this instance).

Breakfast: 1 bowl gluten free cereal + almond milk + wild blueberries + 2 large cups Rooibos tea

30 minutes accumulated walk in the airport

Japanese lunch in the airport: 1 portion edamame + green tea + 8 sushis (6 eel and 2 hamachi)

1 hour walk 
2x50 abs on the killer ab lounge 
200 exercises on my inner and outer thigh muscle machine 

Snack: 1 portion edamame + 1/2 papaya

Dinner: 2 plates soup to fill my greedy stomach + 2 slices french salami and 1 orange

50 bicep curls on each side (4.5 lbs) 
50 tricep extentions on each side (4.5lbs) 

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