Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your coach 30,000 feet up in the sky :) - I am in Madame Figaro "How to tone your derriere"

We are featured in this week's Madame Figaro (the very chic French ladies weekly glossy) in an article titled "Des Fesses de Deesse" roughly translated: "Goddess' Buttocks" or "Divine Bottom"... still sounds better in French, doesn't it?
So, for a firm behind, join me on LeBootCamp, the original #1 French Diet, your online coach is waiting for you :)

A great day begins... I am on my way to NY! flying on my favorite airline, in my favorite seat: 1A, life is beautiful...We take off after two incidents that show that airline security isn't what is used to be: one of the passengers on my flight wasn't meant to go to NY but to Boston... and one of the suitcases simply didn't belong to anyone on the airplane!

20 minutes walk in the airport

Succulent breakfast: green tea, hummus and fresh vegetables + pita bread + a warm little sponge cake (irresistible) + a red berry soup

I surf the web a little (internet at 30,000 feet kills the time nicely), have a little nap + a movie...

Lunch: organic apple compote, apple crisps (organic too), green tea (organic as well), 6 little crackers with organic raw almond butter and 1 triangle Toblerone not organic that one :)... really, I think that this airline's menus were created for LeBootCamp!

Quite a bumpy approach to NY but we finally land...

I've checked into a new hotel, absolutely fabulous... off the beaten track therefore VERY quiet, a rarity in NY and pure bliss!

After settling in I head for the gym:
10 minutes upright bike
10 minutes elliptical trainer
20 run on the treadmill
10 minutes strength training on the Swiss Ball
Yoga: Morning Wake Up Call

Dinner in my room, I can't be asked to go out and this new hotel's restaurant isn't open until Friday so I make do: 1 apple + 1 banana + 1 Luna women's cereal bar + a generous handful cashew nuts for a good complexion :)

This hotel was also created for LeBootCamp... on a simple call, I can get sent to my room a complete yoga kit (mat, blocs, elastics,...) + I have unlimited access to the Yoga and Well Being TV channel for my entire stay, how good is that :)

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