Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your coach Valerie Orsoni on Good Morning America ABC

I have had a lot on the last few days so I had no time to note everything in detail for you :)

But, to summarise, some great encounters and a really great show on ABC - Good Morning America... I can share with you all the backstage details now :)
I think I look pretty comfortable talking to Marysol Castro but...
five minutes before we go live on air, I find out that the grocery bag containing the ingredients we need to cook the recipe "grilled shrimps with coconut milk" (you can find in your Private Space on the program) live... well, it broke in the street and the production assistant is freaking out a little:)
We negotiate to delay my appearance by 15 minutes to find a solution... we join our efforts and we manage to gather part of the ingredients (except the curry for the quinoa)... and it is Super Sara (herself strictly kosher!) who cooks the shrimps with me :)

In the end, we find ourselves in the studio, chatting as if nothing had happened... because of the change of times, the program's script is altered at the last minute... you shouldn't notice anything, although, at the end, instead of saying my fetish closing line, the journalist had noticed on various websites mentioning me ie. "you are the most important person on earth". I said "you are the most important planet on earth" duh :)

I don't even notice in the heat of the moment, but Marysol Castro does and picks up on it saying "there is a real spiritual dimension to LeBootCamp"... I wonder why she says that, is it because of the hindu prayer exercise? Not at all, it is only my killer line that was slightly modified :)

A last day at full throttle... among other things I spend a really great time with Paul Austin, a legend in the perfume world... he shares his time generously with me to help me find my very own scent :) - and that is now done after many trials.

And to finish, cherry on the cake, a dinner in great company at Corton's in New York, the temple of new molecular cuisine. On the menu, tiny portions so no worries on the figure front that's for sure... foie gras wrapped in... no, no description can possibly relate the taste... so I won't go there, but all you need to know is that it was fabulous!

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