Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Live chat Wednesday at noon LA time - 9 pm Paris time

A great encounter this Wednesday 6th January at noon LA time and 9pm Paris time! come and join me on several sites, overall it covers all the biggest papers in northern California, several million of people... This is going to be big!

1 hour chat along side another fitness expert, Dr Hyght.

To find me, please connect yourself at noon pacific time or 9pm european time on either one of those sites:

http://contracostatimes.com/live-chats, or http://www.insidebayarea.com/live-chats

Breakfast: a fresh lemon juice with room temperature water + 3 little gluten and yeast free waffles, simply toasted with sugar free fig jam + a few satsumas

30 minutes walk with the dog and on the telephone 

A racing around morning, plenty of great things are happening in the world of LeBootCamp... as we say here, all the ducks are lined up :) 

Lunch with Anissa: chicken tortilla soup, a veggie steak, a few raw crackers, a few clementines 

Snack: 2 little food bars (for those who worry reading my blog that I might eat too many bars... they are only 120 calories)

1 hour cycling

45 minutes accumulated walk, move great news from a French TV channel

100 floor abs (butterfly abs that you can find on your private space on LeBootCamp) 
50 bicep curls on each side 
50 tricep curls on each side 

1 wonderful hammam that feels so good. 

Dinner: a few raw crackers for aperitif, 1 plate tortilla soup, a few asparagus with soyonnaise, a little bit of raw sweet corn salad (indeed, when raw the GI is very low, so much so that it is even suitable for diabetics who are always told that sweet corn is not for them. In fact, it is the canned corn that has a very high GI). Pudding: 2 clementines + 1 small chocolate bar) 

My legs are aching tonight and tomorrow promises to be intense too with great encounters and the oh so exiting chat

Well, off to bed... tomorrow is another day as Scarlett says! 

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