Monday, January 25, 2010

NY, Sara, & a superb dinner :)

Lots of rain on my last visit to the Big Apple! But I had a gorgeous view of the Hudson River from my hotel room, so felt great :).

Morning: 40 min of cardio in the gym (10 min of bicycle and 30 min elliptical machine) + 10 min of bodybuilding

Meeting with Sara & the NY-based team.

Breakfast: just 1 apple because wasn't too hungry due to the jet-lag :)

15 min walk

Lunch: guacamole with corn chips + grilled tuna steak on a bed of cooked spinach + fruit salad

1 hr walk

Snack: 1 Granny-Smith apple (I actually don't like them but was the only thing at hand)

Lots of tea

Dinner at
Bottega del Vino. Excellent restaurant! On the menu: green salad, grilled chicken salad with mixed vegetables, fruit salad for a mini chocolate tart for a treat!

50 min walk back to my hotel
10 min of yoga before going to sleep to relax my stiff muscles caused by busy stressful days!

All in all, a super trip with lots of successes!

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