Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New York - Coaching - Vicky, Elyse - Interview and plenty of walking

Breakfast: nothing because of the jetlag, indeed when it is 8 am in NY my body clock says 5 am :)

45 minutes walk 

Lunch with Vicky and Elysee: tasteless broth :( followed by a huge trout filet + a little potato cake + 2 tbs pineapple sorbet and lots of green tea. 
I stay in the restaurant, the Pershing Place and carry on with an interview with a very friendly TV presenter, we got on wonderfully well.

15 minutes walk
30 minutes walk

Snack: I don't resist some little cookies and a bar of chocolate... but as it is organic it isn't fattening, or so would some want to make us believe ;) I am joking of course,  chocolate is good for your health but organic or not it is energy dense :)

1h30 walk to clear my mind and stimulate my creativity :)

Dinner: I must admit being a bit queasy from my snacking indulgences so I just have an apple and a banana... and plenty of water!

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